Climate Adaptation and Financing

01 Jul 2022

TERI in this project will identify relevant adaptation strategies including short to long-term risk planning to support the adaptation and implementation process.

Microplastics in the Ganga River - How Dangerous is the Situation?

31 May 2022 | Dr Rina Mukherji

Microplastics in the Ganga River - How Dangerous is the Situation?

Microplastics are recognized as a main source of marine pollution.

Microbeads: A Brewing Environmental Concern

26 Apr 2022 | Nikhil Prakash| | Krishnapriya Nair

The prevalence of microplastics in the environment has become a major global concern. Plastics based on their size are broadly classified as Macro and Microplastics (<5 mm) and enter the environment through various routes.

A link towards integrating informal sector may complete the EPR mechanism

26 Apr 2022

India generates close to 3.46 million tonnes of plastic waste annually and CPCB estimates suggest close to 60% of this waste is recycled.

Water Crisis in India: The World’s Largest Groundwater User

24 Mar 2022

In this article, Anita Khuller says that with increasing news of areas facing water shortages and drought, saving water and using it more efficiently has become the need of the hour. Globally, providing clean drinking water is becoming a bigger challenge with population growth.