TERI team has developed nanofertilizers for climate smart agriculture

13 Dec 2023
Dr Pushplata Singh
Dr Palash Manna

Nanofertilizers have promised to overcome the adverse effect of excessive conventional fertilizers on environment and health. Our extensive studies have shown that the use of nanofertilizers, in combination with ‘bulk’ fertilizer(s), can reduce the application size of conventional fertilizers by 25-50 % in agricultural fields. TERI has developed three nano-fertilizer technologies up to commercial scale. These include nano Urea, nano DAP and nano Phosphorous. These nano fertilizers have been synthesized biogenically making them easier to internalize by plants and achieve nutrient use efficiency as high as 90 % or more.

Application of these fertilizers have been found to reduce demand of chemical nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers by 25-50% in different cropping systems and agro-ecological zones, while not disturbing the yield or enhancing the yield from 8-22% in various crops. These results are duly supported by field trials carried out, in collaboration with Government recognized agriculture Institutes under Indian Council of Agriculture Research, on multiple crops at various agro-climatic zones across India.

Biological synthesis of TERI’s nanofertilizers also give an edge to the partner fertilizer companies by reducing their carbon footprint, which is otherwise very high for the conventional fertilizers, especially during their synthesis and transportation.

Due to their very small size and high tendency to interact with biological surfaces, the three nano-fertilizers were put through a battery of occupational hazard and bio-safety tests at NABL accredited labs as suggested in the guidelines by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), and FCO order 2021, Government of India. Nano Urea, Nano DAP and Nano Phosphorous have been found completely safe to humans and multiple environmental model systems.

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Government of India, has notified the same through the FCO regarding TERI’s three nanotechnologies: nano Urea, nano DAP, and nano Phosphorous. Our nanofertilizers are now officially listed in the FCO for commercialization. For TERI, this marks a new niche with significant opportunities for product commercialisation in India and many other countries.

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