TERI Founders’ Day – First Rajendra Kumar Pachauri Remembrance Event

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) grew to be an institute of prominence under the leadership of renowned industrialist Mr Darbari Seth and visionary institution builder Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri. To pay a tribute and to celebrate the lives of TERI’s founders, TERI organizes annual Founders’ day each year in August.

The annual remembrance series will be initiated by TERI in 2022 in the memory of Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri who was the First Director General of TERI. If Mr Darbari Seth was the Founder of TERI, Dr Pachauri was the Builder of TERI. Under the leadership of Dr Pachauri, TERI’s portfolio expanded as an independent research institute through the establishment of various centres and research areas. From being a small fledgling to a leading international voice on climate change and sustainable development with an interdisciplinary approach.

Policy Makers
Researchers/Post graduates
Climate change