Rosie and Peter's Food Forest - The Future We Want Series

Rosie Harding and Peter Fernandes is a couple who have regenerated a piece of degraded land in a small village in Goa, India, to become an abundant and productive Kitchen Garden and Food Forest which thrives as a part of sustainable and resilient ecosystem. Using the principles of Permaculture, over the years, they have built a solid framework, which thrives with productivity. It’s interesting to discover the diversity of the species that grows in their land. From perennials to self-seeding plants, the number of vegetables and fruits they grow is around 180 today. This film takes a little peek into their journey, their ethos and points in the direction of a collective way to grow local and be self-sustaining.

The film is produced under the series called "The Future We Want" which tells stories about individuals and communities in urban India who are demonstrating alternate ways of living and showing us the path towards a clean and sustainable future.

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