Protectors of the Environment Phase III: A CSR initiative of ONGC-TERI Biotech Limited (OTBL)

'Protectors of the Environment', an ONGC-TERI Biotech Limited (OTBL) CSR initiative, successfully completed Phase III of its programme. This short video encapsulates the high points of the programme that encouraged children to adopt energy-efficient choices for sustainable development. Implemented in a mix of 18 urban and rural schools of Ahmedabad, Bharuch, and Mehsana in Gujarat, over 2800 students were empowered, who took on the roles of energy saviours in their neighbourhoods through unique energy audits. This year, a series of workshops, discussions with subject experts, and quiz contests were also held. In this video, enthusiastic students talk about their learning experience and the teachers share their thoughts on the importance of energy literacy.

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College student/Graduates
Primary school students
Secondary school students
Energy conservation
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