Out in the Open- The Future We Want Series

Women bleed and they must. Of the 35.5 crore menstruating Indian women, only 12% have access to sanitary pads. Menstrual health & hygiene has remained shrouded in secrecy and shame. Women have continued to suffer under the burden of the monthly period. Adolescents have paid a heavy price by dropping out of school due to the discomfort of the monthly cycle.

Out in the Open presents a unique initiative in Vadodara that is rooted in a couple's desire to present a viable and low cost solution to this problem. Swati and Shyam Bedekar have made Menstrual Hygiene their mission. Access to low cost disposable pads and also a simple incinerator to dispose the soiled pads in a hygienic and safe manner has been their contribution. Could this low cost solution lead to gender equality, better education and health for women across the country.

The film is produced under the series called "The Future We Want" which tells stories about individuals and communities in urban India who are demonstrating alternate ways of living and showing us the path towards a clean and sustainable future.

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Civil society/Grassroots
College student/Graduates
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Secondary school students
Environment education
Solid waste management
Waste disposal
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