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Over the years the consumption and pollution of water by humans for various activities such as irrigation, cleaning, cooling and drinking has grown rapidly. In the context of extreme neglect, unsustainable consumption and mismanagement of the water resource across the world, this 'ubiquitous resource' today has become a 'precious' one, as water is a unique resource without any substitutes or alternatives. This coupled with climate change is going to make the water crisis more severe in the coming years.

The future estimates also show an alarming picture with total water demand in various sectors (energy, industry, domestic, irrigation etc.) across India increasing on account of rapid economic and demographic change specially in the urban centres. It is expected to reach 1180 BCM in 2050, surpassing the average annual water availability of 1122 BCM (National Commission on Integrated Water Resources Development (NCIWRD), Press Information Bureau 2013). The water demand is too expected to exceed supply two folds by 2030 (Composite Water Management Index, Niti Aayog, 2019).

The availability of water resource is one major area of concern considering the increase in the water demand by buildings due to rapid urbanization, infrastructure expansion and accelerated economic growth. Therefore, it has become important for projects/organizations to use and manage water sustainably with the objective to optimize water usage, replenish ground water sources and avoid contamination of natural water sources. The water movement needs to gain momentum and that's possible only through collaborations between various industry stakeholders and research organisations in bringing out smart water solutions to mitigate water scarcity issues at grass root level. Transformation in lifestyles and advancements in the technology is the key. There is a need for development of innovative solutions to manage and monitor natural resources on Earth.

In light of the situation, TERI is glad to announce its services for conducting the water audit to quantify the impact of water efficient solutions adopted and implemented by the project/organization to reduce the water footprint and also provide technical assistance for enhancing water efficiency of the projects in order to achieve the 'GRIHA Water Positive Certification'.

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