Research Papers

A Study on the Evolution of the Regulatory Framework on CSR Linking to Various Amendments in the Campanies ACT 2013

Thakur Amit Kumar, Datta Manipadma
| 2019

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained increased significance in recent years. The growing focus on CSR has changed the attitude of businesses all over the world, and India is not an exception. The concept of CSR is n speaking, social responsibility of companies is a well-established phenomenon in India, and the country has one of the world's richest traditions of CSR. In its oldest forms, CSR in India included the concept of corporate philanthropy and the Gandhian Trusteeship model (Ghosh S, 1989).

​Electrochemical sulfur production from treating petroleum produced water.

Jain Pratiksha, Srikanth Sandipam, Kumar Manoj, Sarma Priyangshu M, Singh M.P., Lal Banwari
| 2019

An electrochemical cell was used to remove sulfides from synthetic petroleum produced water (PPW). The cell was run for over 2 months in continuous mode. Sulfides were converted to sulfur at anode with an average conversion rate of 65%. Due to the use of a cation exchange membrane to separate cathodic and anodic chambers, along with sulfide removal conductivity and TDS reduction also took place. Conductivity and TDS reduced by 49.27% and 44.79% respectively on anode and was followed by caustic generation at cathode.

​An Audit of Municipal Solid Waste Management in a Mega-City (East Delhi): Challenges and Opportunities.

Manuja Sourabh, Pandey Suneel , Gulati Pallavi
| 2019

Municipal Solid waste management in developing countries is a gigantic task and its improper management can lead to severe environmental concerns and immense economic loss.

Distributed solar photovoltaics landscape in Uttar Pradesh, India: Lessons for transition to decentralised rural electrification​.

Yadav Prabhakar, Davies Peter J,, Palit Debajit
| 2019

​The energy poverty cycle continues to pose a major challenge for governments in emerging economies. Electrification has typically been delivered through centralised generation and distribution that has not always afforded equitable or efficient access. Decentralised solar technologies are fast approaching financial parity and have certain environmental advantages over grid extension, especially in rural and remote societies. We explore the emergence of decentralised energy systems in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India's most populated state with notable energy access and equity challenges.

​Marginalisation of Off-grid Energy Sector in Sri Lanka: What Lessons could be learnt?

Sarangi Gopal K, Pugazenthi, D., Mishra Arabinda. Palit Debajit, Bhttachraya Subhes K
| 2019

Renewable energy-based off-grid projects have played a crucial role in Sri Lanka’s universal electrification effort. The paper, in this context, unravels two crucial and quite interrelated aspects of decentralised off-grid electrification in the country: a) it critically analyses the off-grid electricity sector development and assesses its contribution to the universal electrification in the country and; b) it examines the current set of challenges associated with the off-grid electrification in the larger context of massive grid expansion.

Recovery of antioxidants from sugarcane molasses distillery wastewater and its effect on biomethanation.

Kaushik Ankita, Basu Subhankar, Raturi S, Batra Vidya S, Balakrishnan Malini
| 2018

Antioxidants (melanoidins and polyphenols) present in sugarcane molasses distillery wastewater are not readily biodegradable. However, these compounds exhibit potential physiological properties which may be tapped for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications. Recovery of these compounds from distillery wastewater could thus lead to products of commercial interest while improving the conventional biological (anaerobic) treatment step. Three processes viz.

CSR, Governance Framework and Expenditure Pattern in Indian Context: Are we Heading in the Right Direction Post Companies Act 2013?

Thakur Amit Kumar, Datta Manipadma
| 2019

The idea of corporate social responsibility is neither new nor radical. The core principle that the corporation has responsibilities to society beyond profit maximization objectives has long historical roots. The paper discusses various definitions and concepts on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on various research articles, papers and books. The paper also discusses the Governance aspects related to CSR and the expenditure pattern of CSR funds post Companies Act 2013. Both qualitative and quantitative methods have been followed in this paper.

Journal of Resources, Energy, and Development

Naresh Chandra Saxena
| 2018

Land Acquisition Law, 2013 tries to do justice to affected project families, but much needs to be done

This volume of the Journal of Resources, Energy, and Development is devoted to reviewing the implementation issues surrounding The New Land Acquisition Law, 2013 and to examine whether the objectives of the law are being met. The six articles in this issue analyse various aspects of land acquisition - displacement, gender issues, provisions of the new law, tribal community issues, and social impact assessment as provisioned under the new law.

​Potential of Bacterial Profile Modification in Enhanced Oil Recovery in Depleted Oil Reservoir

Sharma Neha, Lavania Meeta, Lal Banwari
| 2019

​Due to lack of natural drives in most of the oil reservoir has led to supplementation of the artificial drive viz injection of displacement fluid (either water or gas) within the reservoir. These recoveries are unable to channel the oil from high permeable zones therefore, results in poor sweep efficiency of the oil.

Analytical Investigation of Cymbopogon citratus and Exploiting the Potential of Developed Silver Nanoparticle Against the Dominating Species of Pathogenic Bacteria.

Basera Priyanka, Lavania Meeta, Agnihotri Anil, Lal Banwari
| 2019

Indian biodiversity is a hub for medicinal plants. Extensive research has been carried out to select plants with numerous properties which can be used for human welfare. Present research is about Cymbopogon citratus, an economically valuable medicinal plant.