Trend analysis and ARIMA modelling of pre-monsoon rainfall data for western India

Narayanan P, Basistha A, Sarkar S, Sachdeva K
Comptes Rendus Geoscience, Vol. 345, Issue 1, pp.22-27

Spatial and temporal variability of rainfall over different seasons influence physical, social and economic parameters. Pre-monsoon (March, April and May - MAM) rainfall over the country is highly variable. Since heat lows and convective rainfall in MAM have an impact on the intensity of the ensuing monsoons, hence the pre-monsoon period was chosen for the study. The pre-whitened Mann Kendall test was used to explore presence of rainfall trend during MAM. The results indicate presence of significant (at 10% level) increasing trend in two stations (Ajmer, Bikaner). The practical significance of the change in rainfall was also explored as percentage changes over long term mean, using Theil and Sen's median slope estimator. Forecast using univariate ARIMA model for pre-monsoon months indicates that there is a significant rise in the pre-monsoon rainfall over the northwest part of the country.

Climate change
Rainfall trend
Pre-whitened Mann Kendall Test
ARIMA model
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