Role of woody biomass in carbon capture, circular bioeconomy, and biomanufacturing

Raj Tirath , Verma Shulbhi ,Kumar Narendra , Agrawal Ruchi
Sustainable Biorefining of Woody Biomass to Biofuels and Biochemicals,

Global rise in CO2 levels, combined with growing concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, has prompted the adoption of low-carbon emitting processes in order to create a safer, more economically viable, and sustainable environment. Carbon capture by woody biomasses, following the 3R principles of advanced carbon capture, utilization, and storage practices, may boost the circular bioeconomy and help to limit the global rise in temperature below 1.5°C. The new technology advances in the utilization of woody biomass for carbon capture and the circular bioeconomy have been examined in detail in the current study. Furthermore, biotransformation through microbial conversion and gas fermentation of CO2 into value-added products, that is, organic acids, fatty acids, and lipids, are also elaborated. Furthermore, chemical transformation practices can be linked to biofuel production via carbon capture and sequestration, bolstering efforts to achieve a net-zero carbon circular bioeconomy. This study will enhance the current understanding of carbon capture and CO2 sequestration and help develop new technologies in the circular bioeconomy concept.

Woody, Biomass, Circular economy, Climate change, Carbon capture