​Potential of Bacterial Profile Modification in Enhanced Oil Recovery in Depleted Oil Reservoir

Sharma Neha, Lavania Meeta, Lal Banwari
Advances in Biotechnology & Microbiologoy 13(1): AIBM.MS.ID.555854

​Due to lack of natural drives in most of the oil reservoir has led to supplementation of the artificial drive viz injection of displacement fluid (either water or gas) within the reservoir. These recoveries are unable to channel the oil from high permeable zones therefore, results in poor sweep efficiency of the oil. Bacterial profile modification is process where growth of indigenous micro-organism was thrived by nutrient formulation for targeted community responsible for production of biomass; secondary metabolites (gases, volatile fatty acids, biosurfactant) led to incremental oil recovery in depleted oil reservoir. Produced biomass & metabolites would clog the high permeable zones and block the water streaks which further restrict the unwanted liquid. Hence, displace the un-swept oil from the reservoir. This study represents the potential of microbial consortium towards modifying the permeability profile of the reservoir.​

Indigenous micro-organism
Enhanced oil recovery
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