The Newer Paradigms to Link Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

Thakur Amit Kumar and Datta Manipadma
Advances in Economics and Business Management (AEBM) ,Vol 6(1): 54-57p.

CSR has evolved over time and has been gaining more importance for businesses in the context of sustainability and sustainable development (Arevalo, J. A., & Aravind, D, 2011). The concept of CSR is not new to India; historically speaking, social responsibility of companies is a well-established phenomenon in India, and the country has one of the world's richest traditions of CSR (Datta and Thakur 2018). Various development led initiatives through CSR in developing countries post Companies Act 2013 have provided platform for social development and has created opportunities for business to create value proposition for businesses and stakeholders (Thakur, Narula and Zutshki). The 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been studied in detail in the paper to understand the linkage between CSR and SDG’s. The methodology has followed both quantitative as well as qualitative study.There has been analysis of data from secondary sources and literature review of papers and articles. The study has studied the various SDG goals to understand how the goals are progressing. It has also studied both qualitatively and quantitatively CSR activities along with the expenditure pattern for CSR. The study concludes that there has been a newer paradigm for CSR and CSR has direct linkage with SDG’s. It is also concluded that both CSR and SDG’s are still in isolation and there has to be concerted efforts and study to strengthen the linkage.

Corporate social responsibility
Sustainable Development Goals
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