Knowledge Access using DL Platform: A TERI Research Library Case Study

Sharma Reeta, Ganguly Shantanu
DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 33(1): 63-72p.

It is a constant endeavour of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)—Library and Information Centre (LIC) to cater best information services to the users community, which comprises of research professionals working in the fi eld of energy, environment and sustainable development. Understanding the consumer of data, information and knowledge to accomplish the projects, is becoming increasingly important in relation to the appropriate designing and development of information products and services ‘tailoring’ to the needs of these users. To cater the services to the research professional’s different service platforms are used such as, web-enabled information services etc. These services are assessed in terms of quality, timeliness, reliability and usability. The paper describes about the TERI digital library initiative and various digital services provided by TERI Library and the method of analysis opted by TERI Library professional to assess these services such as google analytic and user survey techniques. The paper also highlights the result of user satisfaction survey undertaken in the year 2011. The methodology, survey software, data analysis, result and the action taken in response to the user feedback are highlighted in this paper.

Digital libraries
Knowledge management
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