Green Growth Intervention on Employment Generation in India: Dynamic CGE Model Approach

Goswami Anandajit ; Chaudhury Saswata
International Journal of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility, Vol 2 (2), 2017

This article highlights the possible impacts of green growth strategies and interventions on skilled and unskilled employment generation in India. Additionally, it indicates how income generation from selected green growth-related potential interventions

can have a ripple effect on selected development indicators, like literacy rates, infant mortality rates, poverty. Job creation might translate to an economic gain for households of different income class across rural and urban India both in the short

and long-term. This economic gain can thereafter reduce the level of inter-household and intra-household inter-temporal inequality levels with complementary and effective wealth distribution policies. In the long run, this reduction in the inequality level can create a positive impact on the social sustainability.

Economic growth
Green buildings
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