Energizing rural India using micro grids:The case of solar DC micro-grids in Uttar Pradesh State, India

Palit Debajit , Malhotra Sangeeta
In: Martina Schafer (ed). Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply: Proceedings of the International Conference: 56-60p.

Traditionally AC mini-grids have been implemented to provide electricity services in many un-electrified habitations in India, which are not covered through the main grid. However, with the advancement of LED technology and lowering cost of PV panels, the DC microgrids seem to be coming up in a significant way to enhance energy access. Many initiatives, both in private and public sector, are now taking DC micro-grid route to provide energy for basic lighting and mobile charging. This paper attempts to examine nuances of solar DC micro-grid development in India with special focus in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The paper, drawing from literature reviews, interview with key stakeholders and field survey to selected sites, shares the experiences of the solar DC micro-grid programmes for rural electrification.

Smart mini/micro grid
Solar energy
Rural electrification