Baseline investigation for environmental project- A scientific approach

Bamal Apoorva , Thakur Amit Kumar, Tripathi Shailendra Kumar
International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science, Technology & Engineering , Vol. 10 (2): 1-7p.

Environmental sustainability is achieved through well versed research and analysis of the current and potential future issues under the defined sustainable development goals (SDGs). In this context, it is essential to establish a strategic formulation and implementation of activities/ projects that lead to sustainable development. An important segment to achieve this is availability of precise information regarding respective sectors, post which projects are formulated under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This paper communicates the on-course flow of utilizing primary and secondary data in ascertaining and attaining different components of the research. The study presents the relevance of social and environmental data in understanding the ground level conditions and comparative analysis of selected environmental and social concerns in rural areas in the states of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Punjab.

Corporate social responsibility
Environmental data
Environmental sustainability
Rural development
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