Accelerating Water Action Agenda for Tackling Water Crisis in Urban India

Basu Avanti Roy, Sharma Brij Mohan, Sarkar S K, Bharat Girija K
Shelter, Volume 22, Number 03, October 2023

Developing countries face multiple challenges related to future uncertainties and pressures related to sustainable and resilient modes of urban water management. India with its enormous population and rapidly growing economy is severely facing issues related to water availability and management in urban areas, particularly in the megacities, which is further compounded by the effects of climate change and health emergencies like COVID-19. For an inclusive and resilient urban development in India, one of the prerequisites is that the urban population has access to safe water (and sanitation and hygiene) and sustainable service delivery. In this article, we critically describe important challenges and a strategic roadmap to enhance understanding on how the resilience of water (and sanitation and hygiene) can be improved in the Indian scenario. Though, India has several ongoing policy interventions to manage water resources in urban areas, there is a need to further develop an actionable, comprehensive, integrated water policy that would entail time-bound implementation of adaptation and mitigation strategies, addressing urban water demand and supply needs under the added pressure from climate change, population growth and urbanisation.

Water Action Agenda, SDG, WASH, Water resources management, Urban India, Water crisis, Water security