Sustainable energy in Micro-enterprises for Income and Livelihood Enhancement (SMILE)

01 Mar 2021

Sustainable energy in Micro-enterprises for Income and Livelihood Enhancement (SMILE) would aim to work with multiple of stakeholders, following an integrated approach, to identify and remove barriers, specifically for the micro and home-based enterprises. It would also work towards improvement of energy efficiency and adoption of RE energy, build capacity, help develop financial instruments, and establish linkages with financial institutions and facilitate deployment of energy-efficient RE technology for productive use specifically. 

SMILE would endeavour to achieve the following objectives:

1) Demonstrate and replicate the use of sustainable energy technologies (via energy-efficiency measures and/or use of RE technologies) in selected MSME clusters across 1-2 states of India.

2) Help to improve the product quality and enhance the income of entrepreneurs by at least 30% in the selected MSME clusters through efficient use of energy and improved productivity.

3) Create awareness and build capacity of entrepreneurs in MSME clusters on energy efficiency, RE technology integration and various schemes/programmes for replication of RE systems.

4) Support the development of policies at the state and central level for scaling-up and advancing energy efficiency and use of RE technologies for productive use in the Indian micro-enterprise clusters.

Rural energy
Renewable energy economics
Energy efficient technologies