Study on Public Procurement policies for hiring trained and certified Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (RAC) service technicians

21 Mar 2022

The activities proposed in this project will be performed by involving collection, collation and analysis of information through desk study as well as field visits, where required inter-alia covering the following:

i. Survey of existing practices involved in public procurement of trained RAC service technicians;

ii. Information linked with the improvements due to better O&M practices using trained and certified service technicians, such as, regular maintenance of filters, cooling coils, shading the outdoor unit and ensuring good airflow around the outdoor unit for heat rejection;

iii. Current status of public procurement w.r.t. skilled and certified manpower in RAC service sector;

iv. Training and certification of service technicians landscape in the country;

v. Suggested interventions for introducing trained and certified RAC service technicians in Public Procurement policies;

vi. Strategy to create awareness among the officials for engaging trained and certified RAC service technicians; and

vii. Collate and analyze the information collected and make recommendations.

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