Scoping project: design of India-UK E-mobility accelerator awareness campaign

03 Dec 2021

The purpose of the project is to work on a scoping project to design UK-India Electric Mobility Accelerator Awareness Campaign which can support delivery of India's ambition on adoption of electric mobility, thereby contributing to cleaner air in cities, achieving energy security and creating new jobs both in India and in the UK. The short-term scoping project aims to develop framework for a web-based tool and identify strategic areas of collaboration that can help drive demand for electric vehicles, particularly in the run-up-to COP 26 and at a time sustainable mobility is emerging as a strong area of focus as resources are being put into recovering from COVID 19.

Seeking to provide further boost to the electric mobility sector in India, the project aims at mobilizing consumer awareness through the development of:  

1) A framework and structure for a one-stop interactive E-mobility web-portal for India;

2) A strategy for awareness campaigns.

The web-portal being developed could be a part of a longer-term EV awareness campaign, similar to the 'Go-Ultra Low' initiative in the UK as well 'Go-Electric' campaign in India, which will inform and attract consumers (especially about 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers and buses), connect buyers and sellers, locate nearest charging points, and ultimately, build the EV market through demand creation in India.

Electric mobility
Electric vehicle promotion
Sustainable transport
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