Opportunities and challenges for a Blue Economy in Asia-Pacific region in COVID 19 world

21 Aug 2020

The scope of blue economy is viewed as a holistic development paradigm that aids economic growth and development in parallel focuses on resource efficient and sustainable utilization of marine resources. Since the exploitation of coasts and oceans has been increasing in the past few decades due to factors like growing global population, mounting pressure on the existing resource base and increasing access to coastal and marine environments, it has now become evident to follow a path of sustainable development through blue economy. The Blue economy framework provides opportunity to address many of the SDG 14-Life under water goals as well. The SDG 14 goals provide a pathway to address sustainability concerns with a target oriented approach. In the current COVID context, the need to refocus blue economy strategies to subsume stimulus packages and increase pace of socio-economic development to address livelihoods and social welfare is equally necessary.  

Marine resources
Coastal ecosystems
Blue economy
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