Managing mineral wealth through natural resource funds

28 Mar 2016

A review of natural resource revenue management in low and middle income countries with politically fragile conditions

Authors: Joyita Ghose, Shilpi Kapur Bakshi, Nitish Arora, Reeta Sharma, N Deepa, G Mini

Coal mining

This systematic review seeks to understand the efficacy of natural resource funds (NRFs) as an intervention to manage revenues from mineral resources in low- and middle-income countries experiencing politically fragile circumstances. The review had two stages. In Stage I, a range of natural resource revenue management interventions were examined and, based on a mapping of identified studies, the focus of the review was narrowed to NRFs in Stage II.

Further, a contextualisation of findings was done for two South Asian countries, Afghanistan and Myanmar, both of which are classified as ‘highly fragile’ states by DFID. The contextualisation document too is attached.

This systematic review was conducted by TERI with funding from the South Asia Research Hub of the Department for International Development, Government of the United Kingdom.

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