Hybrid microbial and chemical catalysis to develop high-volume, high-value biopolymers from lignin-rich bio-residue generated in rice straw bio-refinery' under Start-up

17 Dec 2020

A novel bioprocess development for lignin-rich bio-residue valorization to produce high-value/high-volume biochemicals and bioproducts. The model developed here will improve the sustainability of the 2G ethanol technology and offer an alternative solution to mitigate environmental pollution from rice straw burning in the fields. The detailed LCA and TEA of the optimized bench-scale bioprocess will evaluate the carbon footprint and economic viability of the technology. The results will pave a novel way to replace the fossil based recalcitrant plastics with a 'green' biobased solution. Thus, it will help in harnessing the true potential of rice straw by developing multiple bioproducts in a biorefinery concept.
Clean Energy Technologies
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