Enzymatic degradation of antibiotics and phenolic residues waste components at low concentration in surface waters and industrial wastewater using modified membrane bioreactor

21 Dec 2016

The rampant usage of drugs has made their occurrence in soil, water, aquatic plants and almost whole of the world acknowledged their presence in natural and artificial systems. Municipal and industrial wastewater contains high amounts of antibiotics or other persistent molecule conjugates and metabolites, which possess high biological activity and threat to the environment and to the living organisms. A main goal of this joint bilateral project is to develop the process for the removal of antibiotics and phenolic residues from the water and wastewater. The proposed process includes the biocatalytic membrane based technology for elimination of the bioactive residues which remained in the wastewater after commercial wastewater treatment.

Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
Membrane technology
Bioactive residues
Wastewater treatment
Enzymatic degradation
Phenolic residues
Antibiotic removal
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