e-Certificate Course on Mainstreaming Urban Climate Action

15 Jul 2020 28 Feb 2022

The international e-course amplifies the available science, evidence and tools for climate action, and provides an opportunity to build technical capacities in mainstreaming city-level climate resilience.

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As cities are both contributors to climate change and vulnerable to its impacts, working towards mainstreaming climate action in city planning is crucial. This international e-course aims to build the capacity of participants and contribute to effective decision-making, urban policy formulation and governance on climate change issues. The e-course is relevant to policy makers, practitioners, researchers, civil society representatives, students, and other stakeholders. To enrol in the course, (free) registration on NULP is required. The e-course covers five key modules:


For more information on the course content, contact Ms Rhea Srivastava, Research Associate, TERI at email: rhea.srivastava@teri.res.in

Climate adaptation
Climate science
Urban resilience