Direct reduction of iron route in India

01 Sep 2021

TERI proposes to undertake the following activities in collaboration with SIMA (Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association ) in the coal-based DRI production process:
- Detailed mapping of DRI production units and shortlisting 2-3 prominent coal-based DRI manufacturing clusters representing domestic production ranges, existing and proposed capacity, operating practices etc.
- Explore possibilities of using NG as transitional fuel in the identified clusters vis-à-vis planned upgradation of NG infrastructure in the region.
- Identifying key technology suppliers for hydrogen-based DRI plants and organizing on-line interactions with key stakeholders.
- Preliminary analysis of hydrogen-based DRI production in the identified clusters and technological choices in consultation with technology suppliers.
- Preparing a policy brief covering technology and policy interventions to move towards hydrogen-based DRI production in the intervening sponge iron segment.

Industrial energy efficiency
Hydrogen energy applications
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