Development of future climate projections for Indian Sundarbans and the Arkavathy river basin

07 Mar 2022

The objective of the proposed study is to understand and assess the present and future climate variability over Indian Sundarbans and the Arkavathy River Basin,
 with a focus on past and future temperature extremes in a changing climate. This necessitates the use of climate modelling to analyse expected changes in temperature, precipitation, and sea levels in the study area. The extent of effort in this regard is outlined below.

Scope of work

1. Baseline assessment over Indian Sundarbans and the Arkavathy River Basin;

2. Investigation of long term climate extreme profile over study locations;

3. Assessment of future climate change information - temperature extremes, the rise of sea level/ impact of tidal patterns, the impact of extreme precipitation, floods and cyclone induced storm surges over study areas under a warming climate.

Climatic extreme events