To design Sustainable Energy Solutions for Efficient Health Services in Punjab

01 Apr 2021

The aim of the study is to facilitate in providing reliable healthcare to all sections of the community by energy-efficient and sustainable healthcare services. Collectively strategies and roadmaps shall be developed to achieve the above aim at all levels of health delivery system of the State varying from primary to tertiary levels in Punjab.

The specific objectives are to:
1. Design and pilot health energy audit in identified six public health facilities functioning in three major cities of Punjab.
2. Develop standard operating process (SoP) based on audit of identified public health infrastructure and propose a comprehensive plan with short, medium and long-term activities to scaleup health-energy audit in different public health facilities across Punjab.
3. Identify capacity-building needs mainly with staff of Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA), Punjab Health System Corporation (PHSC) and other relevant stakeholders to institutionalize the health-energy nexus for scaling up.

Building infrastructure
Energy efficiency