Clean Energy Solutions

01 Mar 2011

In order to make the two stage biomass gasifier more effective, further improvements are needed in the technology as well in related aspects like the establishment of reliable biomass fuel supply chain for gasifier systems. The thermal gasifier too needs further modifications in order to accelerate its uptake among MSMEs. In particular, the following issues need to be addressed:
(1) The reliability of the power gasifiers needs to be improved in terms of maintenance and downtime;
(2) Automation of thermal systems is required for large scale adoption by small or medium scale industries;
(3) A comprehensive biomass supply chain analysis needs to be done, as lack of a sustainable biomass supply often poses problems in continuous operation of gasifier systems;
(4) Market development must be facilitated to evolve models that will ensure wide and sustained adoption of biomass gasifier based technologies among targeted end-users.

The proposed initiative aims to build upon the past achievements of the TERI-SDC partnership, and work towards addressing these issues to enable the accelerated usage of clean, energy efficient biomass based technologies for decentralized and distributed applications, including in the MSME sector.
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