Analyzing implications of land-use-change coupled with climate change on surface runoff using a hydrological model: Case study of Goa

06 Nov 2017

The overall objective for the proposed work is to assess the impact of the land-use-change and projected climatic changes on the near surface hydrology across a watershed in Goa.

The specific objectives of the proposed work are to:
1. Develop a modelling protocol that couples future climate data for different scenarios with a hydrologic model simulating stream flow;
2. Apply the modelling protocol to the study area on the watershed scale. Calibrate and validate the model for the proposed study area;
3. Assess the impact of land cover/ land use changes on water availability;
4. Evaluate the overall impact at a watershed level and suggest adaptation strategies.

Water Resources Department Government of Goa
Climate change
Watershed management
Land use
Climate modelling
Adaptation strategies
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