Dr Mukul Kumar Dubey

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Dr Mukul Kumar Dubey
Associate Fellow and Area Convener, Nano Biotechnology Centre

Dr Mukul Dubey is presently Associate Fellow and Area Convener of the TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre (TDNBC), Gurugram, India. He is also an Honorary Fellow in the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Built Environment at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University Australia. His core research interests are in solar photovoltaic, nanodevices, semiconductor optoelectronics and photonics. Prior to TDNBC, Dr. Dubey was heading the solar energy division of the Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute (SPRERI), Gujarat. At SPRERI, he led a pilot scale project on hybrid solar thermal, solar PV and biogas-based cold storage system.

Dr Dubey has received his Master’s degree in Physics from IIT-Delhi and PhD in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota State University (SDSU), USA. He also undertook three years of postdoctoral training at the university. With seven years of experience, Dr Dubey has published several peer reviewed research papers in international journals and conferences. He has two US patents and several awards to his name.

Email: m.dubey@teri.res.in