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"We have to come to Glasgow with no excuses; it's the last best chance to get to net zero", President Biden's Envoy, John Kerry says

11 Feb 2021

- India is on the path of growth, and this growth needs to be as green as possible

- Aside from rapid adoption of technologies to combat climate change, green growth also calls for certain alternate measures like resource efficiency and effective waste management

PM's speech at World Sustainable Development Summit 2021

10 Feb 2021

Posted On: 10 FEB 2021 8:42PM by PIB Delhi

क्लाइमेट चेंज से लड़ाई क्लाइमेट जस्टिस के रास्ते से गुज़रती है: प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी

10 Feb 2021

नई दिल्ली, 10 फरवरी, 2021: द एनर्जी एंड रिसोर्सेज इंस्टीट्यूट (TERI) के फ्लैगशिप इवेंट, वर्ल्ड सस्टेनेबल डेवलपमेंट समिट (WSDS) के बीसवें संस्करण का उद्घाटन भारत के प्रधानमंत्री माननीय श्री नरेंद्र मोदी द्वारा, 10 फ़रवरी 2021 को 1830 hrs IST बजे किया गया।

WSDS का आयोजन पूरी तरह से 10-12 फरवरी, 2021 के बीच ऑनलाइन किया किया जा रहा है। इस समिट में जलवायु परिवर्तन के खिलाफ लड़ाई में नेता, जलवायु वैज्ञानिक, युवा, शिक्षाविद एक साथ जुट रहे हैं। ग्लोबल साउथ से युवाओं और महिलाओं की आवाज़ को आगे रखते हुए की जाने वाली यह चर्चा ग्लास्गो में होने वाले COP26 में योगदान देगी

Act together, support innovation: PM Modi calls upon every country to think of greater good in fight against climate change

10 Feb 2021

- Climate Justice is inspired by a vision of trusteeship where growth comes with greater compassion to the poorest: PM Modi

- Energy and industry transition, adaptation and resilience, nature-based solutions, climate finance, circular economy, clean oceans, air pollution, among a range of topics is being discussed at the 20th edition of TERI's WSDS

PM Modi to inaugurate TERI's World Sustainable Development Summit on Feb 10th

08 Feb 2021

- Convened on the theme 'Redefining Our Common Future: A Safe and Secure Environment For All', the annual meeting will engage with top world leaders on shaping the energy and climate agenda ahead of COP26

- Energy and industry transition, adaptation and resilience, nature-based solutions, climate finance, circular economy, clean oceans, air pollution, among a range of topics to be discussed at the fora

प्रदूषण में कमी के बावजूद लॉकडाउन के दौरान दिल्ली की वायु गुणवत्ता रही सामान्य स्तर से अधिक: TERI

02 Feb 2021

रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक, लॉकडाउन के दौरान बॉयोमास के जलने और उद्योगों जैसे क्षेत्रीय स्रोतों ने दिल्ली के वायु प्रदूषण में अपना योगदान दिया।

नई दिल्ली, 02 फरवरी, 2021: लॉकडाउन के दौरान दिल्ली में CPCB के 32 मॉनिटरिंग स्टेशनों के सांख्यिकीय विश्लेषण बताते हैं कि साल 2020 में पिछले साल के मुक़ाबले पार्टिकुलेट मैटर 2.5 (PM2.5) में 43 फीसदी और नाइट्रोजन ऑक्साइड्स (NOx) में 61 फीसदी की कमी हुई है। ये गिरावट दिल्ली के वायुमंडल में हवा की रफ़्तार कम होने के बावजूद दर्ज की गई है।

Despite reductions in pollution, Delhi's air quality violated daily safety limits during lockdown: TERI

02 Feb 2021

Regional sources of biomass burning and industries main contributors to Delhi's air pollution during lockdown, the report's findings suggest. 

New Delhi, February 02, 2021: The statistical analysis of 32 CPCB monitoring stations of Delhi during lockdowns revealed an average reduction of 43% and 61% in Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) concentrations in 2020, with respect to 2019 despite reduced wind speeds and mixing heights.

Focus on electrification of 3-wheeler more as compared to 4W; Need state and city-level action plans for electrification of urban freight: TERI

18 Dec 2020

New Delhi, December 18, 2020: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), with the support of Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF), released a report today on the Roadmap for Electrification of Urban Freight in India. Speaking at the virtual launch of the report, Mr Sudhendu J Sinha, Adviser, Transport, NITI Aayog, said, "As India’s urban population continues to grow, we have to address the transport sector and its implications.

12th GRIHA Summit concludes with awards ceremony and valedictory session

16 Dec 2020

Conducted on 16th December, the valedictory session of the 12th edition of the GRIHA Summit with the theme 'Rejuvenating Resilient Habitats' was held virtually in the gracious presence of Shri Kamran Rizvi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs and Shri Habib Khan, President, Council of Architecture.

Cost of hydrogen from renewables could fall more than 50% by 2030, says TERI; projects five-fold demand growth by 2050

16 Dec 2020

TERI's new report states hydrogen can start to compete with fossil fuels in certain industrial applications by 2030, given enough government support

We see hydrogen as our next big sunrise sector, Dr Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, Niti Aayog, said at the launch

December 16, New Delhi: The demand for hydrogen in India can grow five-fold by 2050. Further, by 2030, the costs of "green hydrogen" from renewables will fall more than 50% and start to compete with hydrogen from fossil fuels.