GRIHA Council organised a ‘Sustainability Fair’ under Prayavaran Rakashak Programme 2.0 as a prelude to the 15th GRIHA Summit

November 4, 2023
Sustainability Fair

New Delhi, November 04, 2023: Children are our greatest resource for the future and schools are the facilitators for inculcating knowledge and values in them. Schools offer a great opportunity to encourage sustainability in our communities by raising awareness among children and providing role models for change. The values and lessons learnt at school become the foundation for students’ outlook in life. Sustainable education is a key for the next generation to become self-reliant global citizens who are aware of the urgency of environmental responsibility. It gives practical knowledge to the students to make the planet more sustainable.

Children are the future citizens and decision makers of the country. They are the youngest stakeholders who will be greatly affected by the actions that we take today and will have the power to take conscious decisions to make a positive change. Taking a step forward for engaging students and teachers in sustainability, GRIHA Council has conducted an awareness event, the Prayavaran Rakashak Programme, based on the theme “Earth ko Anarth se Bachaye“ as an initiative to engage multiple stakeholders and inculcate the values of sustainability in them. This platform provides opportunities for students to showcase their understanding on sustainability. The event was held on Friday, November 3 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The programme commenced with the inaugural address by Mr Sanjay Seth, Vice President and CEO, GRIHA Council and Ms Shabnam Bassi, Deputy CEO and Secretary, GRIHA Council. Schools from across the nation participated in the event. Events were planned for students to engage them and help them showcase their understanding on the concept of sustainability in their unique and innovative ways.

A series of events were conducted under the ‘Sustainability Fair’ which included a sustainable lifestyle workshop, competitions on mascot design, poem writing, sustainability exhibition and Nukkad Natak. To better impart the education on energy efficiency, water and waste management, and environmental sustainability, interactive games were played to keep the students interested and engaged. The student participants and winners were facilitated with the prizes and certificates at the conclusion of the event. Our partners for the event were Decathlon ESI store, Decathlon Play, India Global Social Service Society, ASAI and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

This was organized as a prelude to GRIHA Council’s annual flagship event, the GRIHA Summit. The theme for the 15th GRIHA Summit is Empowering Sustainable and Resilient Communities and scheduled to be held on November 23-24, 2023 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The theme aims to bring attention and create awareness for a better future for all by empowering communities for resilience and sustainability to cope with the adverse impacts of accelerated climate change. GRIHA Council invites you all to come together, think innovatively, and strengthen our commitment to sustainability.

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