CM Pramod Sawant inaugurates the Technology and Cultural Showcase at CEM14-MI8 in Goa

July 19, 2023
Technology and Cultural Showcase

Goa, July 19, 2023: As leaders, eminent authorities, and dignitaries from the G20 and CEM nations gathered in Goa for the G20 Energy Transitions Ministerial Meeting (ETMM); key stakeholders, major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and significant players from the space of clean and sustainability mobility assembled at the Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium- all under a single roof- to showcase technological innovations and advancements that can propel India’s decarbonization efforts for a sustainable future.

As part of the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial and the 8th Mission Innovation meeting being held alongside the G20 EETM, the Technology and Cultural Showcase- a carefully curated expo portraying the remarkable advancements made in the sustainable mobility domain was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa, Dr Pramod Sawant. In addition, the Hon’ble Chief Minister also inaugurated the Zero Emission Truck and Bus Showcase, highlighting the cutting-edge technology being employed to further India's sustainable mobility fleet through zero-emission heavy duty vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell and battery swapping infrastructure, electric tractors, and more.

With the transport sector amounting for almost 14% of India’s GHG emissions, and road transport sector which is dominated by medium and heavy-duty trucks being responsible for the lion’s share in this, addressing the carbon emissions from transport is imperative to achieve India’s net zero commitment and the EV30@30 vision.

Zero Emission Technology (ZET), especially in heavy duty vehicles (HDVs) and long duty vehicles (LDVs) segment, then opens myriad opportunities not only for the country to accelerate action towards decarbonization of the road transport sector and reduce the growing diesel consumption in the country but also unlock new markets for OEMs (vehicle, battery, and powertrain) and infrastructure providers.

Cognizant of the challenges and potential of zero-emission vehicles and technologies in accelerating India's efforts for a decarbonised future, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), with Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation as a knowledge partner, curated the Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Showcase.

About TERI

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), based in India, is an independent, multi-dimensional research organization with capabilities in policy research, technology development, and implementation. An innovator and agent of change in the energy, environment, climate change and sustainability space, TERI has pioneered conversations and action in these areas for nearly five decades. Headquartered in New Delhi, it has centres in six Indian cities, and is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, sociologists, economists, engineers, administrative professionals, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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