SDGs: An imperative for climate change

13 Nov 2017

This paper examines the historical progression of the important global developments and climate change agendas as well as throws light on the interface between climate change and sustainable development. The paper

  • studies the parallel evolution of the two debates and convergence under SDGs;
  • discusses whether action for climate change is stronger than action for sustainable development and assesses governance in India, Fiji, and Germany in this light;
  • emphasizes that developed nations take the lead to account for historical emissions and consumption patterns;
  • concludes that nations may have divergent priorities, and implementation of all global goals and targets may take different routes and timelines;
  • concludes that good governance mechanisms are essential for implementing SDGs;
  • stresses the need to integrate climate action within the sustainable development agenda; and
  • stresses that climate impacts and sustainable development are not only interdependent but have similar implementation timelines. Therefore, common governance and implementation mechanism may prove to be highly effective.
Climate change
Sustainable Development Goals
Researchers/Post graduates
Policy Makers