Emerging role of bike (motorcycle) taxis in urban mobility

02 Mar 2020

Bike taxis

Bike taxis serve as an intermediate public transport mode offering first and last mile services and providing access to underlying areas in various countries. In India, these services were earlier limited to only Goa but now have been widely accepted in various states. With the means of this publication, we are aiming to understand the role of bike taxis as a first and last-mile mobility option and develop a regulatory framework for bike taxis in India. Recently, Indian cities have been the focal points for the deployment of bike taxis as a mobility solution, though they are still in the nascent stages of adaption to local/state regulatory conditions and integration with other public transport modes.

Bike taxis can take different forms in every city based on the different mobility needs and the local conditions present. Thus, this publication intends to capture international case studies and based on the review analyse the role of bike taxis in India. The publication also depicts some myth-busting primary survey-based findings of the bike taxis usage in India. The findings highlight the qualitative comparison of the state-level policy intervention and suggest a regulatory framework for the bike taxis in India.

Road transport
Sustainable mobility
Civil society/Grassroots
Policy Makers