Climate Proofing Indian Cities: A Policy Perspective

23 Mar 2014

The impact of climate change on cities is of particular concern due to high concentrations of population and infrastructure in these areas. Depending upon their geographical location and climatic conditions, the climate hazards may range from increased and frequent flooding and water logging to heat and cold waves, sea-level rise, and storm surges. In this context, the policy brief outlines emerging opportunities for Indian cities to foster climate resilient development and recommends for the formulation of a specific new policy pertaining to urban climate resilience in India. This policy brief gives an overview of the concept of 'Climate Resilient Cities' and outlines the course of action required for enabling this process. It also discusses the institutional and governance mechanisms necessary for this process and outlines various components for the proposed policy. The policy brief highlights that action to address climate change in urban areas should be multi-level, involving national-, state-, and city-level governments, as well as multi-sectoral including sectors such as infrastructure and services, urban planning, disaster risk reduction, and housing and building construction.

Climate change
Climate resilient cities
Climate policy
Climate proofing
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