Personal, passenger and heavy vehicle segments need distinct strategies for energy transition

13 Oct 2022 |
| Mr Saswata Chaudhury, TERI and Mr Arijit Das, India Development Foundation
| Mongabay India

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could be adopted for heavy and passenger vehicles as a long-term approach towards energy transition and net zero, write Mr Saswata Chaudhury, Senior Fellow, Integrated Assessments and Modelling, TERI along with co-author Mr Arijit Das, Fellow, India Development Foundation.

Breakthrough in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment

10 Oct 2022 |
Dr Nupur Bahadur
| eGov magazine

Innovation is the key to achieving SDGs and the technological interventions like TADOX® is particularly required to meet the SDG 6.3, writes Dr. Nupur Bahadur, Senior Fellow and Head, NMCG-TERI Centre of Excellence on Water Reuse, Water Resources Division, TERI.

Demurraging the image of Indian Railways

06 Oct 2022 |
Ms Palak Passi
Ms Viral Joshi
| The Financial Express

Demurrage is the penalty levied on the user when the free time for loading/unloading goods from the rake has expired, causing detention at the terminal, write Ms Palak Passi, Research Associate and Ms Viral Joshi, Research Associate, Transport and Urban Governance Division, TERI.

To scale up freight loading onto IR, it is necessary to optimise the turnaround time, says Viral Joshi of TERI

20 Sep 2022 |
Ms Viral Joshi
| ET Infra

Currently, longer travel time, first and last-mile connectivity issues, and cumbersome unloading procedures coupled with strict penal provisions for exceeding prescribed unloading time are impeding the growth of freight loading on Indian Railways, writes Ms Viral Joshi, Research Associate, Transport and Urban Governance Division, TERI.

Bottom-up EV Adoption

09 Sep 2022 |
Mr Sharif Qamar
Ms Rhea Srivastava
| The Financial Express

In a country like India, where all cities  are densely populated and people often live in buildings with no designated parking space, urban  local bodies should provide fast-charging public charging infrastructure, write Mr Sharif Qamar, Area Convener and Rhea Srivastava, Research Associate, Transport and Urban Governance, TERI.

Leverage agroforestry for carbon markets

09 Sep 2022 |
Dr Yogesh Gokhale
Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma
| The Financial Express

Incentivise people for nature-based solutions such as community-led biodiversity conservation, agroforestry plantations, etc, where carbon and biodiversity credits can be generated and traded, write Dr Yogesh Gokhale, Senior Fellow & AC and Mr J V Sharma, Consultant & Senior Director, Land Resources, TERI.


Wheels on wheels: Increasing automobile loading by rail

05 Sep 2022 |
Ms Palak Passi
| ET Energy World

Railways have a major potential to capture automobile traffic. The focus simply needs to be on developing a customer-oriented interface, writes Ms Palak Passi, Research Associate, Transport and Urban Governance Division, TERI.