Band-Aids on stubble burning pollution won't do. India must tackle it as food security issue

17 Oct 2019 |
Ms Meena Sehgal
| The Print

While there are limited technological solutions, stubble burning needs responsible rectification. Band-Aid relief every winter will not help, says Ms Meena Sehgal, Senior Fellow, Environment & Waste Management Division, TERI

A double-edged sword

16 Oct 2019 |
Ms Megha Kumar
| The Pioneer

While cities that experimented with free public transport achieved positive results for a while, sustaining them beyond a few years proved to be a problem, says Ms Megha Kumar, Associate Fellow, Transport & Urban Governance Division, TERI.

How India can enter global supply chains

14 Oct 2019 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| The Hindu Business Line

India should engage with the world by inviting investment, rather than entering into FTAs, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Fuel wood use and climate challenges

12 Oct 2019 |
Dr Yogesh Gokhale
| Mr Kundan Burnwal
| The Assam Tribune

The use of fuel wood has been a consistent driver of forest degradation and respiratory health problems in all parts of India, says Dr Yogesh Gokhale, Senior Fellow & Area Convenor, Forestry & Biodiversity, TERI.

Construction sector looks for supplemental water sources as natural water resources deplete

01 Oct 2019 |
Ms Sonia Rani
| EPC World

Construction sector need to ensure optimum utilization and consumption of water at all stages of development, says Ms Sonia Rani, Research Fellow, Sustainable Buildings, TERI.

Market participation via innovative product pricing is needed

25 Sep 2019 |
Mr Souvik Bhattacharjya
Dr Shilpi Kapur
| Mint

Decoupling economic growth from resource use is possible only through a gradual transition to a resource-efficient and circular approach, and a shift from the traditional linear growth model of take, make and dispose, say Mr Souvik Bhattacharjya, Fellow, Resource Efficiency and Governance Division and Dr Shilpi Kapur, Fellow, Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI.

Getting the economy to turn around

09 Sep 2019 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| The Hindu Business Line

Lowering the exchange rate to boost exports, a grant-based stimulus for auto sector and reviving stalled power projects will help, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Crafting a fiscally neutral stimulus

10 Aug 2019 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| Business Standard

A stimulus to generate demand for domestic goods and services is imperative to reverse the slowdown, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Seeing bankruptcies as opportunities

06 Aug 2019 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| The Hindu Business Line

Insolvencies in promoter-run firms can be turned around with professional management, says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

The geopolitics of climate action

05 Aug 2019 |
Mr Nitin Desai
| Business Standard

The command of climate-friendly technologies will become the source of geopolitical power in the future, says Dr Nitin Desai, Chairman, TERI.