The strategic positioning of climate negotiations

17 Feb 2022

Curtailing the use of coal was a major focus at COP26 and this was largely initiated. Net-zero by 2050 by all countries was another major push. Most countries, at least in principle, declared net-zero goals, albeit with differing timelines. This stratagem undercut the real imperative of a global net-zero goal by 2050, which science was demanding. Following the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities would have required the developed world to reach net-zero long before 2050. As things stand, they have got a pass. More than a decade ago, in 2009 in Copenhagen, the developed world pledged $100 billion a year for climate action in developing countries. Fulfilling this pledge was supposed to be a major bait from the developed world to push developing countries to commit to mitigation. However, not unexpectedly, nothing happened at Glasgow and future action on climate finance remains unclear.

Energy transitions
Climate policy
Climate finance
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