Our Journey Towards Energy Access Using Solar Domestic Systems in North-eastern India

26 Jan 2021
Dr Manjushree Banerjee

The rural households in Assam, in particular, those in the vicinity of forests and away from the main roads remain un-electrified. To overcome this challenge, the Numaligarh Refinery Limited along with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) initiated energy access measures in a phase wise manner since the year 2015. Based on need assessment in the villages, Solar Domestic Systems (SDS) with four light points, one mobile charging point and one portable solar lantern was installed in around 140 households. The SDS was able to provide lighting up to four hours in a day. The SDS showed social and economic benefits such as reduced fear of elephant attacks and snake bites, better illumination, and more economic benefits compared to kerosene lamps and conventional electricity. Above all, the primary benefit is that the users get quality illumination when required.

Rural electrification
Solar energy
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