Climate expert Dipak Dasgupta guest at Explained Live today

21 Dec 2022
| The Indian Express

To be meaningful, the loss and damage fund would need large amounts of money flowing in. The financial needs of developing countries to fund reconstruction activities after being hit by climate disasters runs into tens of billions of dollars every year, says, climate expert Mr Dipak Dasgupta, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, during Explained Live talk.

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Effective management of waste need of hour: Experts

17 Dec 2022
| News Trail

Several organisations involved in waste management came together and held a public dissemination workshop that discussed how effective municipal solid and plastic waste management is the need of the hour. Dr Suneel Pandey, Director, TERI, said, "There is a lack of awareness among the various stakeholders regarding plastic waste management as also limited clarity among manufacturers about how the EPR (extended producer responsibility) needs to be implemented.

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In waning coal belt of Ramgarh, solar power saves the day for women entrepreneurs

16 Dec 2022
| Indo Asian News Service (IANS)

Mr Prashant Kumar Swain, Fellow (Rural Energy and Livelihood), TERI, said "We have been working in the renewable  energy sector for the last 20 years. Our focus has always been on lighting up homes. But now, we are looking at projects that use electricity for livelihood. We tried to understand the people's energy needs, their usage patterns, and then liaised with solar system suppliers before project implementation."

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TERI's Outreach on 'Challenges and Opportunities from COP27: Experts Sum up Key Takeaways'

14 Dec 2022
| Asian News International

TERI with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies organised a session on "COP-27 Outcomes: From the perspectives of Policy, Research & Businesses" summing up views and setting expectations from a wide range of experts from the government, think-tanks and the industry. Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI, highlighted the core contributions of the COP besides stressing on the fact that while developments with regard to certain key discussion agendas of the COP did happen, the

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At Boardroom Brunch with News9, experts suggest ways to clean Delhi's air

13 Dec 2022
| News9

The experts' panel of the Digital Boardroom Brunch, News9 Live, made several points to both explain Delhi's air pollution crisis and provide a way ahead. According to Mr. Nimish Singh, Associate Fellow, TERI, MSMEs, the backbone of the Indian economy, are not given the due emphasis they require when talking about air pollution and its solutions. For MSMEs, cost-effectiveness trumps any environmental considerations and the authorities need to provide economically-

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India can achieve Net Zero by 2047: Experts

09 Dec 2022
| Krishi Jagran

The 4th Annual Energy Finance Conference India, 2022, hosted by IIT-Madras, Centre for Financial Accountability, Indo-German Center for Sustainability and Climate Trends, features discussions on a variety of topics relating to Energy and Finance. According to Mr. Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, in his keynote talk, India should have the national ambition of achieving net zero by 2047 at 100 years of Independence and in time to restrict global warming to 1.5 degrees.

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COP 15: आज से 195 देश जैव विविधता बचाने के उपायों पर करेंगे चर्चा

07 Dec 2022
| Dainik Jagran

One million species are in danger of being extinct because to mining, pollution, farming, development, etc. Dr. Jitendra Veer Sharma, Senior Director, Land Resources, TERI, said, as expected from the old COP, this one will remain the same. What happens is that in developing countries, importance is not given to save biodiversity and natural resources. All that is needed from the COP is that people become aware of the problem.

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The GM mustard debate

07 Dec 2022
| The Indian Express

The govt, in advocating the use of GM mustard, has cited economic and food security arguments. Critics maintain the crop can cause lasting harm to environmental and human health. According to Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI, there is a constant shifting of goalposts. A certain requirement is asked to be met, and when that is done, new demands are put forward. This is an endless cycle. The fact is that GM mustard, and GM technology in general, had been put through the most robust

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TERI signs MoU with AAU for agri development, reduction of greenhouse gases

02 Dec 2022
| The Hill Times

TERI and Assam Agricultural University signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on projects to improve life in the north-eastern region, develop the agriculture sector there, and reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. MoU was signed by senior director, (Administrative Services and Regional Centres) TERI, Dipankar Saharia and director, Research (Agriculture), AAU, Dr Ashok Bhattacharyya in the presence of director-general, TERI, Dr Vibha Dhawan and AAU vice chancellor Dr

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In new role as G-20 chair, India set to focus on climate

01 Dec 2022
| The Associated Press

According to Mr. RR Rashmi, distinguished fellow, TERI, the impact of lifestyle has not received as much attention in the global discourse as it should. He said that the issue might get some prominence at the G-20, which would be a victory for the Indian government, but critics argue the focus on lifestyle changes must be backed by policy to have credibility.

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Can Bio-CNG click: Here is a look into the challenges faced by this technology

30 Nov 2022
| Down To Earth

The feedstock for MSW-based CBG plants is source-segregated waste - also its biggest challenge. High capital investment is also stopping small investors from entering the CBG scene. Mr Nagendra Kumar, Fellow, TERI, said that badly segregated waste can lead to construction and demolition waste or other hard particles entering the digester, which can reduce its energy efficiency and damage it, said.

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