Bamboo, the builder

08 Feb 2020
| The Tribune

A tony bamboo house installed near the open lawns at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi has been the centre of attraction for visitors since mid-December 2019. Installed on the sidelines of the annual GRIHA Summit, this is a 240 sq feet bamboo cottage for a 'cosy and comfortable living space'. TERI, which had installed the aptly named 'VenuKutir' (bamboo in Sanskrit is Venu), said the idea was to highlight the fact that the use of steel, concrete, aluminium and glass in construction ends up

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In a first, Bihar govt to table ‘green budget’ in House

06 Feb 2020
| The Times of India

Two experts, who made key presentations on at the workshop organized by the Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI), included Rita Pandey, senior fellow of the National Institute of Public Finance and Shailly Kedia, fellow of TERI.

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Developed nations not taking action to reduce carbon emissions: Javadekar

29 Jan 2020
| Business Standard

Speaking at the 20th edition of the World Sustainable Development Summit organized by TERI, Union Environment Minister Mr Prakash Javadekar said that "the world has reduced annual carbon emissions only by half per cent and a lot needs to be done".

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TERI Press' book on energy conservation 'Why Should I Save Energy?' released

22 Jan 2020
| India Education Diary

The book on energy conservation for children titled "Why Should I Save Energy?" by TERI Press introduces children to various forms of energy, history of fossil fuels, great scientists and their inventions, and more importantly, to the problems our planet faces with a steady depletion of natural resources.

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Include national plastic recycling fund, R&D support for zero carbon tech in upcoming Budget: TERI

13 Jan 2020
| The Economic Times

In a meeting held with Union Finance Minister Ms Nirmala Sitharaman recently, Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General of TERI, recommended that resource efficiency, waste management and decarbonisation of the economy need to be the key drivers of India's green strategy.

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Scholastic India, TERI launch book on environmental issues

06 Jan 2020
| India Today

Scholastic India in association with TERI launched "Our Environment: Threats, Challenges and Sustainable Solutions", a timely book that focuses on environmental issues that we are faced with today due to years of indiscriminate human activities.

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Key year to arrest the climate crisis

01 Jan 2020
| Hindustan Times

2020 is the year in which the world should focus on action and let action be the harbinger for ambition. Action on stated NDCs will pave the way for realistic ambition, says Mr Karan Mangotra, Associate Director, Growth, Diversification & Commercialization, TERI.

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TERI develops blockchain-enabled prototype for solar power trading

01 Jan 2020
| ET Energy World

TERI has developed a platform to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions of solar energy among consumers in the same neighbourhood.

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Best of 2019: Swap kerosene subsidies for off-grid solar

31 Dec 2019
| India Climate Dialogue

Currently, there are many off-grid solar products that are cheaper than kerosene over the lifespan of the technology, according to International Institute for Sustainable Development and TERI.

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Are electric vehicles really clean and green?

17 Dec 2019
| Inc 42

The bigger the electric car and its range, the more battery cells are needed to power it, and consequently the more carbon produced, according to Mr Alekhya Datta, Fellow, TERI.

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India's biofuel policy doesn't address emission of toxic nanoparticles, says new study

04 Dec 2019
| The Print

Study by TERI & Finnish researchers say process of producing biofuels may increase nanoparticles in the air, which can be more harmful than PM2.5 & PM10.

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Groundwater status in city 'poor': Report

02 Dec 2019
| The Times of India

Prepared by TERI, the report on 'Water quality status of Maharashtra 2018-19' comprises statistical analysis of water quality monitoring data recorded at 294 monitoring stations in the state between April 2018 to March this year.

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