Hungry Capital on a power trip

23 Apr 2013
| The Hindustan Times

Experts say that conventional energy has been exploited to the hilt and time has now come to explore new avenues. "The demand is only going to increase exponentially in the future and our conventional source of energy will not be able to keep up. Delhi has ample resources in the form of a tropical sun and it should be suitably exploited. The prices of solar panels have come to a level where the price of solar power is within the peak power tariff (which the discoms pay to purchase power for

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Research speeds up but applications fail to materialize

23 Apr 2013
| Mint

Given their small size, nanomaterials could easily be absorbed via the skin or orally and lodge themselves within several organs and pose a variety of risks. These risks were relevant to India too, according to Dr Alok Adholeya, director of the biotechnology and bioresources division at TERI. Dr Adholeya, who's in the process of preparing a study to ascertain the risks associated with nanotechnology with the Department of Biotechnology, added that currently, the use of nanoparticles in the

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An eco-source called TERI

12 Apr 2013
| The Hindu

Not every nation has a centre dedicated to energy, that too started 39 years ago, which makes TERI very unique. The mandate of TERI is vast, covering energy, industry, rural requirements, urban issues, building sector, sustainable development and so on. Besides gathering global data and ideas, it also has its own publications, guidebooks, project case studies and seminar papers available for those interested. TERI is among the few institutions that have walked the talk-it has actually built

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TERI takes solar power to tribal ashram schools

10 Apr 2013
| The Hindu

TERI, in collaboration with the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), is setting up 1 KV solar power generation plants in 20 Tribal Ashram Schools in the Agency areas in the Visakhapatnam district as a panacea to the power cut problem which has hit the studies of tribal students. TERI in partnership with Union Ministry of Renewable Resources has introduced solar appliances including home lighting systems, individual lanterns and task lights etc in the villages. It is setting up solar

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Companies urged to help protect natural resources

08 Apr 2013
| The Hindu Business Line

Business houses should consider protection of the value of the global commons-the earth's un-owned natural resources, said R K Pachauri, Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Addressing the graduates of IIM, Calcutta at its 48th Annual Convocation, Dr Pachauri emphasised that companies' managements should adapt with the changing climate to understand its impact on the overall business.

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Rising sea levels threat to Kolkata, Shanghai, Dhaka: Pachauri

07 Apr 2013
| Business Standard

Business houses should consider protection of the value of the global commons-the earth's un-owned natural resources, said Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Director-General, TERI. Delivering the convocation address at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Dr Pachauri said that partial loss of ice sheets on polar land could imply metres of sea level rise, major changes in coastline, and inundation of low lying area, with greatest effects in

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Rub of the green

31 Mar 2013
| The Financial Express

India has seen an over four-fold increase in certified green buildings in the past five years, with a serious focus on sustainability practices. India's very own national rating system, the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), which is still in its early days operationally, has an approximate green building footprint of over 107 million sq ft.

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Need to promote scientific temper among youth: CM

26 Mar 2013
| The Tribune

Speaking after receiving an honorary doctorate degree conferred on him by the TERI University, Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said there was need to create an environment to attract the best minds to research and scholarly pursuits. The Chief Minister said TERI had acquired distinction in promoting research, especially in the energy sector. He also lauded Dr R K Pachauri, Chancellor of TERI University, for taking the institute to such a level, where its contribution had been

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Green growth

25 Mar 2013
| The Times of India

TERI conducted a seminar in School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), addressing the youth and sensitizing them towards green growth and sustainable development. This platform at SOIL culminated the Seven State Youth Seminar Series by TERI.

Jamia, TERI come up with new system to turn waste into energy

22 Mar 2013
| The Indian Express

With the aim to capture and purify the landfill gas being emitted uncontrolled from the Okhla landfill site by use of indigenous technology, TERI, in association with Jamia Millia Islamia, launched a report that demonstrates how captured landfill gas can be used as a source of energy. Supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the report says the project will help in reducing the risk of uncontrolled methane emissions from the landfill, a potential greenhouse gas.

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We need R&D agenda to protect environment

16 Mar 2013
| The Statesman

Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of TERI and Chairman of IPCC, speaks on the perceived conflict between protecting the environment and going ahead with production, impacts of climate change on agriculture, ecosystem services, renewable energy developments, and other aspects of sustainable development.

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Pachauri asks farm varsities to focus on rural society

09 Mar 2013
| The Hindu

Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman of the UN-established Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Director-General of TERI, called upon agricultural sciences universities in the country to expand their horizons and focus on developing rural society as a whole instead of looking at agriculture alone in a bid to effectively tackle the impact of climate change. Dr Pachauri was addressing the 47th convocation of the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore.