Dawn of India's Era of Digital Water Systems: Experts Look Towards Artificial Intelligence to Address Scarcity

08 Nov 2019
| News18

The ICDL 2019 conference, organised by TERI, brought together the who's who of the water sector under one roof to set the agenda of digital water, 'not as option, but as an imperative' in the country.

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Digital economy has emerged as the key driver for global economic growth

07 Nov 2019
| United News of India

The theme for the 6th edition of ICDL is "Digital Transformation for an Agile Environment" and the three-day event will focus on digital library and research, and digital transformation for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Manoeuvring Environmental Challenges with Tech-Based Solutions, Policies

23 Oct 2019
| BW Smart Cities

TERI is working to develop and implement technology solutions, emerging from national policies, to address the adverse impact energy use and waste management on the environment, shared Dr Suneel Pandey, Director, Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI, in an interview.

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Enhancing Efficiency in Indian Building

22 Oct 2019
| BW Smartcities

The GRIHA rating system takes a holistic approach toward sustainable action intended to mitigate climate change, a significant aspect of which is: reduction in GHG emissions from the construction and operation of India's building stock, asserted Mr Sanjay Seth, CEO, GRIHA Council, in an interview.

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Reducing waste is key as phase-out won't be easy

13 Oct 2019
| Hindustan Times

According to a TERI and environment ministry fact sheet released in 2018, around 43% of manufactured plastics are used for packaging purpose and most are of single-use.

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Delhi's air quality to hinge on tech to curb paddy burning

05 Oct 2019
| The Tribune

Dr Sumit Sharma, Senior Fellow and Director, TERI says that air quality in Delhi is slowly starting to deteriorate now after remaining within or close to the prescribed limits during the monsoon season.

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India's Pledge To Restore 26 Mn Hectare Degraded Land Could Fuel Land Conflicts

05 Oct 2019
| India Spend

Involvement of private players is ideal only outside forest areas and in agroforestry, opined Dr Pia Sethi, Senior Fellow, TERI.

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Solar sparks change in Varanasi

26 Sep 2019
| The Hindu Business Line

A TERI initiative has helped Varanasi's boatmen and weavers become eco-friendly.

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Solar sparks change in Varanasi

26 Sep 2019

The Hindu Business Line

Taj Mahal Trick Helps India Cool Buildings Smartly

25 Sep 2019
| BloombergNET

The Center-of-Excellence for Sustainable Habitats, set up by Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. and TERI, aims to recommend building materials and technologies that are energy-efficient. It has looked at the thermal conductivity of bricks and found that red bricks are not the best option for construction in India.

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REI 2019: Insights About Session on Impact of Solar Energy in 2030

19 Sep 2019
| Saur Energy

Talking about the future of solar energy in 2030, Mr Shirish Garud, Senior Fellow, TERI, pointed out that there will be a significant impact on grid operation.

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Incentivising private sector crucial for mining and mineral exploration: TERI

16 Sep 2019
| ET Energy World

Given the complex and widespread nature of regulatory deficit in the mining sector, the time has come to create independent Mining Regulatory Authorities and Tribunals.

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