Access is life

28 May 2021
| Environment of India

In an interview , Dr Debajit Palit, Director, Rural Energy and Livelihoods, TERI, explains one of India's great success stories, of almost universal electrification of households, as well as how far we have to go.

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Climate change forces Uttarakhand farmers to migrate

17 May 2021
| The Third Pole

According to recent study by the Germany-based Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and TERI, populations of some higher-altitude districts in Uttarakhand have already dropped.

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Water sustainability awards: A TERI-IWA initiative to celebrate efforts towards achievement of SDG on clean water and sanitation

06 May 2021
| India Education Diary

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in partnership with International Water Association (IWA) has announced Water Sustainability Awards aiming to celebrate efforts towards water conservation.

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Mapping future hotspots of carbon dioxide emissions from mangrove loss

28 Apr 2021
| Mongabay

"Severe data limitations" need to be addressed if the role of blue carbon in meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement has to be robustly demonstrated, according to a recent policy brief on "Scope and Potential of Coastal Ecosystem Towards Mitigating Climate Change" authored by TERI.

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Rising temperature detrimental to India's manufacturing output: Study

27 Mar 2021
| Gaon Connection

A recent study has stated that the hill districts of Uttarakhand are at a greater risk from rising temperatures which is expected to result in forced migration of the local people. The study, conducted by Germany-based Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK) and India's TERI, focuses on how climate change impacts, such as rising temperatures, increasing glacial melt, and changing rainfall patterns, could affect livelihoods and thereby shape migration patterns in the hill state.

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चिंताजनक रिपोर्ट: 1.9 डिग्री तक बढ़ जायेगा उत्तराखंड का तापमान, भारी बारिश लाएगी चमोली जैसी अनेकों आपदाएं

26 Mar 2021
| अमर उजाला

जर्मनी की पोस्टडैम इंस्टीट्यूट फॉर क्लाइमेट रिसर्च (PIK) और देश द एनर्जी एंड रिसोर्सेज इंस्टीट्यूट (TERI) के एक संयुक्त शोध में यह बात सामने आई है कि ग्लोबल वार्मिंग के तमाम कारकों के कारण उत्तराखंड के तापमान में 1.6 डिग्री से 1.9 डिग्री तक की बढ़ोतरी हो सकती है।

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Climate Justice calls for compassion for the world's poorest: PM Modi

11 Feb 2021
| Business Standard

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, during the inaugural session of World Sustainability Development Summit (WSDS) organized by TERI, said that developing countries should get enough space to grow in order to fight climate change.

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BHOPAL : बिजली की फ्यूचर प्लानिंग पर MP में होगा काम, जानिए कैसे होगा आंकलन

02 Feb 2021
| News 18 Hindi

Under the MoU, TERI will assess the demand and availability of Madhya Pradesh's power demand without any fee and prepare the roadmap for the future. (in hindi)

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Boost for state green transport proposal, Bengal expects share of Rs 18k crore pie

02 Feb 2021
| The Times of India

State transport undertakings in Kolkata will need to identify suitable bus routes where the introduction of electric buses are technically and economically feasible. One can look into the hybrid buses in order to reduce emission in a phased manner, if not 100%, said Mr Alekhya Datta, Fellow and Area Convenor, Electricity and Fuels Division, TERI, who has been advising the WBTC on rolling out electric buses.

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Budget 2021: Hydrogen mission; solar energy, clean air among focus areas

01 Feb 2021
| Hindustan Times

According to a report titled "The Potential Role of Hydrogen in India - Harnessing the Hype" by TERI, demand for hydrogen could increase by at least 5-fold by 2050, continuing to grow in the second half of the century in India.

The Hindustan Times

West Bengal: Budget boost hope for river transport and electric buses

01 Feb 2021
| The Times of India

Electrification of inter-city bus operations commercially viable provided there's adequate charging infrastructure in highway corridors, capital expenditure support and single-window clearance, said Mr Alekhya Datta, Fellow and Area Convenor, Electricity and Fuels Division, TERI.

The Times of India