Green Attracts Green In India’s ESG Era

01 Sep 2022
| Outlook Business

Green finance in grossly inadequate in India, considering the ambition expressed in India's climate change goals, observes Mr R R Rashmi, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

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Explained: India's Wind Project To Power The Energy Transition Capacity Of The Country

31 Aug 2022
| Indiatimes

It is advisable locating the most promising offshore areas and inviting bids for a small portion of that region while paying for evacuation and transmission expenditures. Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI said that this should be done to determine costs and build capacity.

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India' enhanced climate pledges fall short of expectations

30 Aug 2022
| Gas Outlook

India has improved the targets under the NDCs in response to anticipation of the international community as also the requirement of the Paris Agreement, noted Mr R R Rashmi, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

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Industrial water reuse: Perspectives from emerging economies

28 Aug 2022
| The Source Magazine

At the webinar on reuse for industrial purposes, with a focus on emerging economies in Africa and Asia, Dr Nupur Bahadur, head of the Centre of Excellence on Water Reuse at TERI, and Vice Chair of IWA India, provided context on how reuse is a response to the water risks faced by an industry driven by an ever-increasing demand for water.

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Waiting for the next big leap

21 Aug 2022
| The Hindu Business Line

Mr Shirish S Garud, Senior Fellow and Director, Renewable Energy Technologies Division at TERI, sees a major role for wind power in the future. We have huge potential for offshore wind power along our coasts, says Mr Garud.

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Possibility Of 100% E2V Penetration In India By FY27

16 Aug 2022
| Mobility Outlook

Mr I V Rao, Senior Visiting Fellow, TERI, said that two-wheelers in India have always been considered as the key vehicle segment, where EV transition could take place faster than in any other segment.

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India is Responding to Environmental Problems with Biofuels and Biohydrogen

15 Aug 2022
| RD20

TERI is engaged in research and development of clean energy technologies. The institute covers the entire value chain, from laboratory-level experiments and technological development at the early stages of technology to the transition to pilot and mass production of clean energy.

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कार्बन उत्सर्जन में तेजी से कमी लाने में मददगार है इलेक्ट्रिक दो-पहिया वाहन: विशेषज्ञ

15 Aug 2022
| Navbharat Times

Mr I V Rao, Senior Visiting Fellow, TERI, said that the rapid adoption of electric two-wheelers will reduce the demand for petrol. This will definitely reduce dependence on imports and carbon emissions.

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Bad batteries cause electric vehicles to catch fire, need to pay attention to maintenance repairs

10 Aug 2022
| Lokmat

The central government is providing financial incentives for purchase of electric vehicles and construction of infrastructure for charging.

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EVs need the spark of regulation in India to accelerate transition: Experts

08 Aug 2022
| Business Standard

Battery swapping and safety are essential if India has to improve its share of 2W and 3W EVs, observes Mr I V Rao, Senior Visiting Fellow, TERI.

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India enhanced ambitions when world seeing less action on climate change: Experts

04 Aug 2022
| The Hindu

Mr R. R. Rashmi, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, said the decision by India to update its NDCs is in line with the Prime Minister's Glasgow announcements.

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TSML collaborates with TERI to make its operations water neutral

04 Aug 2022
| The Pioneer

In continuation of the group's commitment to sustainability and its own long-term strategic alignment with Sustainable Development Goals of UN, Tata Steel Mining Limited (TSML) has partnered with TERI to conduct water audits at five of its operational facilities in Odisha to ensure more efficient use of water and its conservation.

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