MCG to focus on 28 biggest bulk generators to ease garbage load

08 Sep 2022
| The Hindustan Times

The efficiency of MCG's action against bulk waste generators will depend on their share in the total waste the city generates daily. If all BWGs produce only a fraction of the city's waste, taking action against them will not have a major impact on the Bandhwari landfill, and a city-wide approach would be needed, said Dr Suneel Pandey, Director of Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI.

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Is the latest plastic ban working? The data isn't available

03 Aug 2022
| Mint

Up-to-date data on implementation of the plastic ban is lacking, potentially hindering the success of the initiative, experts have said.

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Pilot project to treat sewage to be kicked off in Faridabad

02 Aug 2022
| The Times of India

TERI will be providing technological support for the project to recycle wastewater. If successful, it will be implemented across Haryana.

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India imposes ban on single-use plastics. But will it be enforced?

01 Jul 2022
| The Washington Post

The large users of plastic packaging need to work with the supply chain on how they can shift to alternatives without affecting their financial bottom line, said Dr Suneel Pandey, Director of Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI.

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Green Revolution 2.0: It's the Last Straw, Say Activists as Industries Drag Their Feet on Single-Use Plastics Ban

27 Jun 2022
| News18

There needs to be more consultations and dialogue over the possible solutions, and how they can be executed. There are definitely some design changes in product packaging, that the industry must look at to address their current challenges," says Dr Suneel Pandey, Senior Fellow & Director, Environment & Waste Management at TERI.

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Aluminium cans have superior environmental performance over glass, PET, multi-layer containers: Study

14 Jun 2022
| The Print

Aluminium cans support a fully circular economy and have superior environmental performance over glass, PET and multi-layer drinks containers, according to a study conducted by TERI.

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Time To Dump Plastic Straws? | India Development Debate

09 Jun 2022
| Times Now

Dr Suneel Pandey, Director, Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI took part in the India Development Debate on the proposed ban on plastic straws.

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Mountain of waste' at Kedarnath: It is an ecological disaster and lack of civic sense, says Dr Suneel Pandey

22 May 2022
| The Economic Times

Dr Suneel Pandey, Director, Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI, spoke about the unsustainable waste disposal at Kedarnath.

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Why reducing size of Delhi’s garbage mountains is easier said than done

04 May 2022
| The Indian Express

While remediating landfills, waste processing infrastructure needs to be strengthened so that no organic waste reaches the landfill site, said Dr Suneel Pandey, Director of the Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI.

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Only 8-10% e-waste disposed of properly in Kolkata

29 Mar 2022
| The Telegraph

A small portion of the e-waste generated in the city is disposed through organised channels while the majority is sold through unorganised channels where the dismantling of the waste exposes the handlers and others to hazardous elements. According to Dr Suneel Pandey, Director at the Environment and Waste Management Division of TERI, said that many prefer to sell their used electronic devices in local markets, which give a better return for the products.

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Tackling the integrated challenge of plastic pollution and climate change

11 Jan 2022
| Mongabay

In April 2021, TERI's roadmap proposed a circular plastic value chain to address the problem of both plastic pollution and greenhouse emissions.

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