New advanced oxidation technology can enhance waste water reuse at lower cost

25 Aug 2021
| Outlook

TERI has developed a technology called the Advanced Oxidation Technology or TADOX which can reduce less dependence and load on biological and tertiary treatment systems and help achieve zero liquid discharge.

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Trash turns into treasure in new plastic economy

07 Aug 2021
| Sunday Guardian

According to the study by TERI, out of the total polymer consumption of 16.8 million tonnes per annum in 2018-19, 90% was for plastic and the remaining 10% was for non-plastic consumption. From the total plastic waste generated, about 60% is actually recycled, 8.5% reutilized for energy recovery and repurposing, and about 31.5% is mismanaged plastic waste.

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E-waste: A Growing Problem

30 May 2021
| Business Today

According to Dr Suneel Pandey, Director, Environment & Waste Management division, TERI, even as legislation and rules have come a long way and evolved over time, bringing smaller players under the extended producer responsibility (EPR) net is a challenge and that is where the government needs to work on an incentive mechanism.

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In Last Seven Months, India Generated Around 33,000 Tonnes COVID-19 Waste, Maharashtra Biggest Contributor: Report

12 Jan 2021
| Swachh India NDTV

According to Mr Sourabh Manuja, Fellow, Centre for Waste Management, Environment & Waste Management Division at TERI, our cities need appropriate training and capacity building along with the infrastructure to manage the bio-medical waste they generate, including domestic hazardous waste.

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'Waste Nama' will write a new version of clean India, know what is the plan for the city of Varanasi

29 Oct 2020
| Jagran

According to TERI, which is actively involved in solid waste management at Varanasi, the Solid Waste Emissions Estimation Tool (SWEET) is being used for emissions estimates for Varanasi as well as Panaji under the Varanasi Waste NAMA programme.

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Manoeuvring Environmental Challenges with Tech-Based Solutions, Policies

23 Oct 2019
| BW Smart Cities

TERI is working to develop and implement technology solutions, emerging from national policies, to address the adverse impact energy use and waste management on the environment, shared Dr Suneel Pandey, Director, Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI, in an interview.

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Reducing waste is key as phase-out won't be easy

13 Oct 2019
| Hindustan Times

According to a TERI and environment ministry fact sheet released in 2018, around 43% of manufactured plastics are used for packaging purpose and most are of single-use.

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Government looks to junk plastic water bottles

01 Sep 2019
| Mint

A 2018 report by TERI states that plastic accounts for 8 per cent of the total solid waste generated in the country annually.

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Decentralisation, awareness focus areas for waste management in Panaji

09 Jul 2019
| The Goan

Following a citizen perception survey, a team of TERI and German government agency GIZ has concluded that decentralization and creating awareness of the solid waste management laws among stakeholders including residents is the way forward to establish a sustainable solid waste management system for Panaji, Goa.

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TERI to audit handling of garbage by east, south corporations

22 Jun 2019
| The Times of India

The south and east corporations have decided to engage TERI to assess the volume of garbage collected in their areas, its disposal and the discrepancies in the implementation of the solid waste management rules.

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In East Delhi, study finds not all on board for waste segregation

15 Jun 2019
| Indian Express

More than 60% households in East Delhi's 60 colonies did not segregate their waste last year, while 71% either had their waste collected by the informal sector or disposed it themselves at vacant plots and dhalaos, a study by TERI has shown.

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The Plastic Trap

20 Jun 2018
| The Hindu Business Line

A discussion paper prepared by TERI titled, 'Opportunities and Challenges of Plastics Waste Management' was released by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. The Ministry and TERI have entered into an MoU to set up a Government cell that would provide a platform to include resource efficiency in all future public policies. Plastic waste would be one of the targets. According to TERI's paper, the average per capita plastic consumption in India is about 11 kg, and

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