TERI to study microplastics, froth in Yamuna

14 Apr 2024
| The Times of India

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in a first-of-its-kind detailed study will analyse the presence of microplastics in the Yamuna and groundwater in Delhi and assess the source and cause behind the frothing in the river in certain seasons. After completing the study, TERI will provide remedies. Scientists at TERI said that the study, proposed by Delhi govt in Dec 2021, will take a year. The aim would be to identify and prioritise groundwater sources (aquifers) and to map

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On the Eve of World Water Day, Stakeholders from Various Sectors Recognized for their Transformative Efforts Towards Ensuring Water Sustainability

22 Mar 2024

Government representatives and experts gathered for the prestigious third edition of Water Sustainability Awards (WSA) organized by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), on the eve of World Water Day. The emphasis of the event was on the universal importance of water stewardship and the pressing need for collaborative and participatory approach that would create a ripple effect across generations and communities. The event was an occasion to recognize the efforts of the people who

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Water sustainability awards highlight collaboration and innovation for water security

22 Mar 2024
| Outlook Planet

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) hosted the third edition of the prestigious Water Sustainability Awards (WSA) on the eve of World Water Day. The event emphasised the need for collaboration and innovation to address water challenges and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Key Highlights of the event included a Panel Discussion on Experts discussed water use efficiency, highlighting the importance of water audits and best practices for reducing industrial water

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TERI Unveils Policy Brief for Net-Zero Textile Wastewater Treatment with TADOX Technology

07 Mar 2024
| Climate Samurai

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) recently launched a policy brief titled, "Integration of TADOX Technology to achieve net zero in textile wastewater treatment," outlining a path towards sustainable textile wastewater management. This policy brief follows the successful pilot demonstration of TADOX, a novel wastewater treatment technology developed by TERI, at a Textile CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant) in Kanpur, India. Funded by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG

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TERI unveils new tech to ensure zero liquid discharge by CETP

03 Mar 2024
| The Hindu Business Line

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), has come up with a unique technology to treat industrial wastewater that will ensure affordable and sustainable Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) compliance set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) in industrial clusters, said Dr Nupur Bahadur, Associate Director, TERI and Inventor of the technology.

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TERI and Ion Exchange India Ltd. come together to revolutionize Wastewater Treatment with TADOX® Technology

23 Feb 2024
| Krishak Jagat

In a significant collaboration, The Energy and Resources Institute's (TERI) has officially entered into a TADOX® Technology and Trademark License (TTLA) Agreement with Ion Exchange India Ltd, aimed at commercializing TERI's patented wastewater treatment technology for industrial applications. The signing ceremony was held in the presence of Shri G Asok Kumar, Director General National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India, Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director

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Water conservation a win-win for economy

09 Feb 2024
| Outlook

A policy brief released at TERI's WSDS 2024 lays down blue print for improving water efficiency in water-intensive sectors. The policy brief titled, "Benchmarking Industrial Water Use Efficiency in India". The brief focuses on water-intensive sectors' potential for improving water efficiency through interventions based on water audits. The evaluation determined the best practices, technologies, opportunities, and policy interventions needed to improve water efficiency.

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Prayers and pollution — the two Ps of the Puja

18 Oct 2023
| The Indian Express

Idols are mostly made of PoP and decorated with non-biodegradable materials which are highly contaminating in nature says Ms Niyati Seth, a Research Associate at TERI.

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ET Boardroom Dialogues 2023: What to expect at the two-day summit driving leadership action for a sustainable future

02 Jun 2023
| The Economic Times

The ET Boardroom Dialogues 2023, in partnership with Diageo India, will define the roadmap for accelerating the adoption of sustainable water solutions and leading the transition to a carbon-neutral future. With the theme of ‘Water and carbon actions for a sustainable future,’ the summit will bring together top industry leaders and decision-makers to drive leadership actions for a better tomorrow. The summit, which will be streamed on ET Digital on June 5-6 2023, from 11:30 am, will bring

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Turning the table: Delhi recharges more groundwater than it extracts

06 Apr 2023
| The Times of India

Out of 34 assessment units in Delhi, over 44% are overexploited, which is higher than the national average. In those tehsils, overexploitation will lead to a sharp decline of water levels and depletion of groundwater levels, said Dr SK Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

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Chacha Chaudhary and TERI launch comic on water sustainability on World Water Day

23 Mar 2023
| The Print

Speaking on the launch of the comic title Chacha Chaudhary and Water-Our Right by the Diamond Toons in association with TERI on World Water Day, Dr. Syamal Kumar Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, said this comic is appropriate, especially for young children. The book will encourage the children to become change agents during water use and its management.

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