Need To Conserve Biodiversity By Conserving Water Resources

05 Jun 2020
| Smart Water & Waste World

One of the world's toughest lockdowns against the coronavirus, which has caused nearly 217,000 infections and more than 6,000 deaths in India, kept out most of the industrial waste that normally clogs the Yamuna. That was the key reason for the better water quality, said Mr Anshuman Jaiswal, TERI.

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Dawn of India's Era of Digital Water Systems: Experts Look Towards Artificial Intelligence to Address Scarcity

08 Nov 2019
| News18

The ICDL 2019 conference, organised by TERI, brought together the who's who of the water sector under one roof to set the agenda of digital water, 'not as option, but as an imperative' in the country.

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277 farmers join save water initiative

30 Aug 2019
| The Tribune

The 'Paani Bachao, Paise Kamao' campaign, launched by the Punjab government to check depletion of underground water by offering financial benefits to the farmers for every unit of power they save, has started yielding good results. A total subsidy of Rs 15.74 lakh for saving 3,93,645 units has been disbursed among the enrolled consumers of six pilot feeders so far, as per reports of TERI.

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The right to water

21 Aug 2019
| Mumbai Mirror

TERI has recently published a piece titled 'India's rampant urban water issues and challenges', explaining how growth in urban population leads to additional water demand. "In 2001," the piece says, "urban population was 285 million and assuming water supply of 135 litres per capita per day, the domestic water demand is estimated at around 38,475 million litres per day.

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With no new money, India's water ministry struggles

09 Jul 2019
| India Climate Dialogue

There is now an experiment to pay farmers to save water, being tried in three villages of Punjab by TERI. The farmers are being told that if they use less than a certain amount of water, they will be paid for every litre they save.

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Government rolls out plan to save water, says it will be a mass movement

02 Jul 2019
| The Indian Express

The government has commissioned a study through TERI to look at the massive water consuming industries such as steel, cement, power, and prescribe benchmarks for each.

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No. of water quality monitoring units in Maharashtra's rivers not enough: TERI study

10 Mar 2019
| The Times of India

The pollution levels in the rivers flowing west - many of which, along with rainwater, replenish dams that supply Mumbai and its suburbs - are perhaps not being measured accurately, according to a study by TERI.

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TERI signs MoU with WAPCOS on power, water, and infra

05 Mar 2019
| ET Energy World

TERI has signed an agreement with WAPCOS, a consulting firm, under the aegis of Ministry of Water Resources, to pursue opportunities in areas of power, water, and infrastructure development.

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Alarming rise in coastal pollution

12 Jul 2017
| Deccan Herald

A recent report by TERI has drawn attention to the rising levels of pollution in India's long coastline which poses a threat to the health and wellbeing of human and other forms of life. The survival of some species of both flora and fauna may be in danger because the ecosystems that support them may disappear. The report has noted that large amounts of waste water and agricultural run-off which are let into the coastline are increasingly polluting the waters. Industrial effluents, municipal

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