Turning the table: Delhi recharges more groundwater than it extracts

06 Apr 2023
| The Times of India

Out of 34 assessment units in Delhi, over 44% are overexploited, which is higher than the national average. In those tehsils, overexploitation will lead to a sharp decline of water levels and depletion of groundwater levels, said Dr SK Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

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Chacha Chaudhary and TERI launch comic on water sustainability on World Water Day

23 Mar 2023
| The Print

Speaking on the launch of the comic title Chacha Chaudhary and Water-Our Right by the Diamond Toons in association with TERI on World Water Day, Dr. Syamal Kumar Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, said this comic is appropriate, especially for young children. The book will encourage the children to become change agents during water use and its management.

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Experts stress on sustainable water use and innovative technologies at Water Sustainability Awards 2023

22 Mar 2023
| Asian News International

Water access and sanitation are the two areas where India has made progress as we approach the SDGs' 2030 time frame, according to Dr. S K Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, who gave the welcome address at the Water Sustainability Awards 2023, which TERI hosted with the support of the United Nations Development Programme and International Water Association on the eve of World Water Day in New Delhi on 21 March 2023. He added that more work is needed in areas like improving water use

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Delhi extracts more than it recharges

08 Feb 2023
| The Times of India

If decadal observation shows a rising trend, it might be the case with the observation wells or testing points. But high extraction is making the real picture far more grim, said Dr SK Sarkar, Distinguished fellow, Water division, TERI.

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Joshimath: Why cracks have started coming in the houses, the road is also bursting, know what the experts are telling the reason

09 Jan 2023
| Navbharat Times

Why is Joshimath cracking? Why did this situation happen in Joshi Math without any earthquake or natural calamity? Dr. Shrestha Tayal, Senior Ecologist, TERI University, responded to the questions. The Himalayan mountain ranges in Uttarakhand are called very young mountains, and these are fragile hills based on their basic structure. This is why many landslides happen here every year, says Dr. Tayal.

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The villagers with no option but to drink toxic water

27 Sep 2022
| The Telegraph

River pollution is plaguing India, and experts warn it is causing a deadly crisis that threatens the country's health and prosperity. The rivers have become "a toxic cocktail that is proving increasingly deadly," said Mr Anshuman, Director for Water Resources at TERI.

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Industrial water reuse: Perspectives from emerging economies

28 Aug 2022
| The Source Magazine

At the webinar on reuse for industrial purposes, with a focus on emerging economies in Africa and Asia, Dr Nupur Bahadur, head of the Centre of Excellence on Water Reuse at TERI, and Vice Chair of IWA India, provided context on how reuse is a response to the water risks faced by an industry driven by an ever-increasing demand for water.

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TSML collaborates with TERI to make its operations water neutral

04 Aug 2022
| The Pioneer

In continuation of the group's commitment to sustainability and its own long-term strategic alignment with Sustainable Development Goals of UN, Tata Steel Mining Limited (TSML) has partnered with TERI to conduct water audits at five of its operational facilities in Odisha to ensure more efficient use of water and its conservation.

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Pilot project to treat sewage to be kicked off in Faridabad

02 Aug 2022
| The Times of India

TERI will be providing technological support for the project to recycle wastewater. If successful, it will be implemented across Haryana.

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Delhi: Industrial effluents behind Yamuna's heavy metal woes

01 Aug 2022
| The Times of India

The sources of toxic heavy metals in the Yamuna in Delhi region are primarily of anthropogenic origin, according to a new study conducted by TERI.

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