Hydrogen mission may undermine climate goals

10 Apr 2023
| The Tribune

Even if the government meets its ambitious target of producing 10 million tonnes of green hydrogen each year, it would still only provide about 1/15th of India's energy from coal. The very idea, which runs through government documents, that India will become a major exporter of hydrogen is questionable. Analysts at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) caution that a shortage of unused land will impede solar and wind capacity construction.

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ETEnergyworld Solar Power Congress: Energy sector leaders map growth path for renewables

20 Mar 2023
| ET Energyworld

India needs to become a hub for solar energy manufacturing. Rural India can only grow if there is abundant energy. Renewable energy-powered cold chambers are needed in rural areas for storing perishable items said Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI.

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Budget: Hydrogen mission outlay shows India’s green commitment, says TERI chief

06 Feb 2023
| Hindustan Times

The Union Budget 2023-24 may help India not only to achieve its global climate commitments but shift all sectors to adopt energy transition and sustainable practices, said Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI.

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Need to forge pacts to attain India's net-zero targets: Industry leaders

18 Jan 2023
| Business Standard

At a fireside chat organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Invest India in association with TERI during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos on 17 January 2023 Mr Girish Sethi, Senior Director, TERI, drew attention to the commitments made by India towards its net-zero targets at COP26 in Glasgow, and underscored the array of initiatives undertaken since at the government level, with the National Green Hydrogen Mission being the latest, to make the targets

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Guyanese companies sign MoU with TERI-India for biomass power generation

12 Jan 2023
| News Room

Durable Wood Products Inc. and EMC Energy Inc., two Guyanese companies, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TERI in the presence of President Mohamed Irfaan Ali in New Delhi. The collaboration will see the implementation of a 1.5 MW wood waste-based power generation through the gasification route for energy consumption in DWP production operations and excess power to the national grid. Dr. Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI, said TERI remains committed to supporting the Government

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Green hydrogen economy

06 Jan 2023
| Navbharat Times

The govt has made a good start on the energy transition; it should now move fast on implementation guidelines. The national green hydrogen mission, a key project for ensuring energy transition, is also the cornerstone of India's climate action targets for 2030 and the 2070 'Net Zero' goal. According to TERI estimates, by 2030, green hydrogen will become increasingly competitive, coinciding with a decline in electrolyser costs and the increasing load factors of solar plants. 

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Modi's Rs 20,000 crore green hydrogen mission gets Cabinet nod; PLI scheme in offing for manufacturing base

04 Jan 2023
| The Financial Express

The Union Cabinet approved provisions for the Narendra Modi government's ambitious National Green Hydrogen Mission for Rs 19,774 crore. Rs 17,490 crore from the sanctioned amount will be allocated for strategic interventions, while Rs 1,466 crore will be used to conduct pilot projects and Rs 800 crore for R&D components. According to a report by TERI, Hydrogen demand could increase by at least 5-fold by 2050, continuing to grow in the second half of the century.

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State’s tech educators learn green practices

21 Dec 2022
| The Times of India

Teachers across state-run technical institutes in Goa, including from government colleges for engineering, pharmacy, architecture, art, and polytechnics, are undergoing training funded by the central government on sustainable practices, such as rainwater harvesting, solar and wind power generation, and waste management. The training involved field visits and hands-on training with experts engaged from other parts of the country as well, including from TERI, Delhi.

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In waning coal belt of Ramgarh, solar power saves the day for women entrepreneurs

16 Dec 2022
| Indo Asian News Service (IANS)

Mr Prashant Kumar Swain, Fellow (Rural Energy and Livelihood), TERI, said "We have been working in the renewable  energy sector for the last 20 years. Our focus has always been on lighting up homes. But now, we are looking at projects that use electricity for livelihood. We tried to understand the people's energy needs, their usage patterns, and then liaised with solar system suppliers before project implementation."

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Can Bio-CNG click: Here is a look into the challenges faced by this technology

30 Nov 2022
| Down To Earth

The feedstock for MSW-based CBG plants is source-segregated waste - also its biggest challenge. High capital investment is also stopping small investors from entering the CBG scene. Mr Nagendra Kumar, Fellow, TERI, said that badly segregated waste can lead to construction and demolition waste or other hard particles entering the digester, which can reduce its energy efficiency and damage it, said.

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Goa eyes German investment, expertise for renewable energy projects

07 Nov 2022
| The Times of India

TERI, Goa, and Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany, organised a conference to explore opportunities for implementing sustainable energy and technology-driven projects in Goa.

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