Holistic Wellness Centre & Meghalaya Traditional Knowledge Portal launched

22 Feb 2024
| The Shillong Times

On February 22, 2024, a significant milestone was achieved in Meghalaya with the inauguration of the Holistic Wellness Centre and the launch of the Meghalaya Traditional Knowledge Portal. A Collaborative programme of Bio-Resource Development Centre, an autonomous R&D institution under Planning Department, Government of Meghalaya, The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi and the Meghalaya Basin Development Agency.

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Once we have a COVID-19 vaccine, How do we plan to store 1.3 billion doses?

18 Jul 2020
| Science The Wire

Vaccines need to be kept cool to remain effective. In some districts, a refrigerator as big as an ice cream cooler is needed to deliver the vaccines, says Mr Karan Mangotra, Associate Director and Fellow, TERI, and one of the authors of a report on the impacts of the cooling sector on global climate targets.

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Public transport usage to see decline after Covid-19 outbreak ends: Study

19 May 2020
| Hindustan Times

A perception study, based on a survey across 51 cities in the country from April 7 to 26 by TERI, revealed that 35% commuters are likely to change their mode of transport for work after the outbreak ends.

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Now, an online repository of edible plant species

29 Apr 2018
| The Financial Express

TERI has recently launched a first-of-its-kind digital library, which details scientific information of approximately 200 edible plant species of the Western Ghats, home to many native tribal people. The website aims to serve as a guide to both urban and rural communities to address malnutrition issues. Several of the tubers, corns, fruits, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, etc, that are indigenous to the region are important for the food, medicine and chemical industries. However, a large part of the

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TERI to open food lab, varsity campus in Guwahati

15 Feb 2018

The first state-of-the-art food testing laboratory in entire North East will be coming up in Guwahati within the next year. The food testing laboratory is being built by TERI at its campus in Guwahati and is likely to be operational within one year.

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Estimation of impact of pollution on health uncertain, says TERI

24 Oct 2017
| The Pioneer

With extremely high pollutant concentrations, health impacts are expected to be high in India. However, exact estimations still remain uncertain due to dearth of relevant health impact studies, said Mr Sumit Sharma, Associate Director, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI, in a statement. TERI has sought commissioning of studies to ascertain the impact of pollution on health.

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Alarming rise in coastal pollution

12 Jul 2017
| Deccan Herald

A recent report by TERI has drawn attention to the rising levels of pollution in India's long coastline which poses a threat to the health and wellbeing of human and other forms of life. The survival of some species of both flora and fauna may be in danger because the ecosystems that support them may disappear. The report has noted that large amounts of waste water and agricultural run-off which are let into the coastline are increasingly polluting the waters. Industrial effluents, municipal

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New Nano Centre

27 Mar 2017
| The Times of India

TERI has collaborated with an Australian university to set up a nanobiotechnology centre for core research as well as for development of technologies, products and processes. The TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre plans to have 50 PhD students and as many researchers on board by 2018. Students as well as researchers from TERI and Deakin University will work together. The Centre seeks to work with the government, including the Department of Biotechnology, to achieve sustainability in

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