Dream of a sustainable India

April 12, 2018
The Pioneer

Sustainable India

To make Green India Mission successful, the Government must adopt a reformist approach and integrate its working with the overall developmental perspective of the country. Forest type reassessment of 2013 by ICFRE has clearly indicated that most forests are losing soil moisture and hydrology is getting severely affected which is having a direct impact on our agriculture, water availability and rain fed rivers. For the long-term survival of the people in and around the forests and forest fringe villages and as also for carbon sequestration, it is necessary to de-politicise the implementation of the Forest Rights Act (FRA). A recent study by TER is a matter of serious concern. The study is based on a scrutiny of 66,300 FRA rights on 10,7897 ha spread across 19 Maharashtra districts. Till 2012, Maharashtra emitted 5,70881 tonnes of GHG on account of deforestation due to the recognition of rights under the Act. Thus, carbon sequestration has been lost in 14,669 ha of forests.

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